PREVIEW AH 21/22 : rocky purity

This AW 21/22 season, a terrestrial aspect influences the creative paths of product developments.

A discovery of sensory treasures imbued with the look of mineral solidity, or the purity of the origins of life, the Earth invites us to a deeper exploration, to draw out its inspiring substance. An inspiration that lies at the heart of a dual challenge: to both stir and surprise consumers looking for transparency and meaning in their purchases…


Some of the season’s patterns are marked by a quest for purity. In a continuation of last season, graphics are simplified, readily flattened, with emptied grounds, expressing a need to breathe and leave more room for joy and humor.

Naïve and colorful, an optical interplay of mineral stone facets is improvised in supercharged meteorites that explode like capricious ideas looking to rush across an immaculate material.

Rounder, more abstract lines take on the mother-of-pearl reflections of recolored seashells. Like oyster shells or desert roses, designs are tangible, delicate and poetic, ready to enliven the new season’s enveloping and comforting sweaters.

Alio Design



For AW 21/22, this inspiration tends to more crystalline versions imbued with transparency and a certain purity. Deliberately simple and geometric shapes are adorned with semi-precious stones or quartz crystals deceptively colored in frugal pastels.

Emerging in both matt or lacquered versions, optical white surfaces decorate buttons and labels, giving them a raised appearance reminiscent of pristinely immaculate wide-open spaces.

At times, volumes are accentuated to imitate glaciers, or even stalagmites buried deep underground for centuries, like outsized diamonds.





Motifs alternate the mineral look of roughened stones and the natural beauty of thousand-year-old tree trunks set amidst mysterious forests. Their vast, moving, circular lines recall the waviness of multicolored agate slices immersed in still cold waters. Animal motifs mimic the plumage of arctic birds: a snowy owl come to tower over the peaks of glaciers, becoming one with the mountainous rocks. These patterns are in perfect harmony with natural materials such as wool jersey, with new high-tech performance – thermoregulation, antibacterial protection, quick drying – the kind of warm knits just right for this season’s tops. Slightly transparent and finely delicate chiffons lend a refined touch to new animal motifs, and are easily imaginable in womenswear, such as short, asymmetrical dresses with shirred and gathered waists.




Finely grained calfskin is adorned with subtly metallic crackled finishes recalling vast lunar surfaces. Others are decorated with slightly iridescent prints, reminiscent of the fossils of marine-life reptiles trapped inside underwater rock crystals.



With transparency and purity, along with a mineral-like solidity, this AW 21/22 season is marked by a return to terrestrial forces, and a willingness to elaborate developments assiduously and in depth.


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