Première Vision’s strong commitment to promoting new fashion values

Smart Creation Area : what exactly is it?


Ever since 2015, the Smart Creation study and information platform has been promoting exhibitors’ responsible initiatives, highlighting a new generation of values combining creativity, innovation and sustainability.

Concretely, Smart Creation has an actual space dedicated to this subject at Première Vision Paris: the Smart Creation Area (formerly known as the Smart Square). This is a space for information and discussions, a space that’s informative, visionary and multimedia where exhibitors, designers, buyers and fashion brands can experience and see, on a hands-on basis, the industry’s advances in responsibility.

The space is divided into separate hubs:

  •  Smart Services: this is a selection of service companies offering advice and solutions to exhibitors and visitors seeking to integrate more responsibility into their organisations, manufacturing processes or collections.
  • Smart Materials: a showcase of new and sometimes unique concepts, manufacturing processes and innovative and responsible materials: fabrics, leathers, accessories, yarns.
    > NEW! A 3D index lets visitors see at a glance who the exhibitors are in these two areas, and what their specificities are.
  • Smart Library: a selection of product samples from chosen Première Vision Paris exhibitors, drawn from various activity sectors (Fabrics, Leather, Yarns and Accessories).
  • Smart Wardrobe: a wardrobe featuring finished products from fashion brands showcase via a dozen designer outfits – with clothing, bags and shoes produced according to responsible sourcing and manufacturing processes.

A conference program rounds off this product showcase.

A space reflecting the values of eco-design

The Library and Wardrobe display has been designed by the Craft workshop

CRAFT is both a creative and a manufacturing studio at the intersection of art, design and architecture. It focuses on creating a narrative that offers new experiences by working with and respecting materials.

The universe created for Smart Creation gives you a view from on high. It’s an immersive space, transporting visitors into a dream dimension by placing the material at the centre of an incredible landscape.

The metal has been deliberately left unfinished and the recycled plastic structures retain their standard shape and dimensions to ensure that they can be reused.

Another eco-responsible approach to point out: the exhibitors’ stands in this area did not require any new undertaking. We reused the stands from another show (Blossom Première Vision) to give them a new life here!

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