Première Vision Designs, a wave of creativity

Today, Première Vision Designs has become the largest textile design show in the world, a vast volume of motifs and decorations combined with a constant search for exclusivity and singularity. Show Manager Stéphanie Binoist fills us in.




The diversity and vibrant profusion at Première Vision Designs always creates a special atmosphere. Can you tell us more about the richness of the show?

We host an average of 230 studios from across the world, led by the U.K., France, Italy and the United States. Over 20 countries join us each season, and this cultural diversity is one of the real strengths of Designs. Each designer presents his own artistic signature and style; it’s a unique way of imagining decoration while responding to market demands. In addition, Designs is truly a world unto itself, where the stands are very open, so you are totally immersed in the colours, patterns and decorations. I like to talk about “a wave of creativity” because that’s the feeling that washes over you when you step inside the show.

What role does ornamentation currently play in the fashion world?

An increasingly important one. By now we have around 15 studios presenting decorative, embroidered or beaded artworks, with a view to exclusivities. Embellishment is a very potent and visual way of working decoration. It attracts the eye, and plays with light, volume and tactility. In addition, it’s easily added to a garment and opens new fields of personalisation, which is quite critical today.
What key directions can be derived for next season? The role of decoration in clothing is going to be particularly important for spring summer 2020, with a need for an immediate visual impact. Motifs are going to be big and generous. Colour is going to play a more central role than ever, whether for flowers or more geometric motifs. We’re also going to venture into clashing, somewhat grating, even disturbing combinations. In any case very striking ones.

Is this universe also infused with innovation?

The digital revolution – Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. – helped transform how decoration can be imagined and showcased. But innovation remains the very essence of this industry, and it’s constantly being updated to offer unique, exclusive creations, which will adorn the garments and accessories of future collections.

How do you see the future of this particular sector?

It will be very closely tied to everyone’s desire to preserve their singularity. I think it’s essential to remain vigilant in terms of the rules relating to the protection and dissemination of these designs. This role belongs to brands and designers, but it is also one of the aims of Première Vision, which provides its support to this sector, and has for over 45 years.




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