Portugal: an eco-responsible industry

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The Portuguese Textile Industry shows its strength at Première Vision due to its DNA which combines tradition with innovation and eco-responsibility.

Portugal is the best strategic partner for its geographic location, its textile cluster, its scientific research centers, its universities and its companies, who are equipped with the latest technologies to best adapt to the client´s needs.

Portugal look forward to welcome you.


The Portuguese companies at Première Vision show in their collections for Spring /Summer 22 a new dynamic where creativity, innovation and environmental responsibility are together for an exhibition of different products: yarn, fabrics, knitting and printing.

Their eco-responsible proposals by using natural, organic, bio-natural, recycled, bio-degradable and recycled synthetic fibers, resulted in highly creative, innovative, enveloping and comfortable materials which enriched the materials for interior and exterior clothing.

Fabrics and knits with flat appearance or enriched by wavy constructions, seersucker effects and random reliefs, the natural roughness of natural fibers, the crapy, the flammés and the summer mouliné yarns. The use of stripes, warm graphic stripes as well as happy and optimistic stripes.

Also, important to mention the eco-friendly synthetic materials with lights structures, but of high density, resistance and ultra-thin. They are enriched with finishing with sustainable and endurable performance and thus assure the balance between sophistication and casualty.

Decorative patterns, cheerful and optimistic, with flowers, leaves and figurative animals in a more surrealistic reference for a more desirable and seductive nature. 

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