A play on texture and sensation

A-Girl’s novel pre-collection plays on the complementary relationship between technology and originality, fashion-forward knit techniques and heirloom manufacturing. Inspired by the past and the future, knits are enhanced with creative textures and tactile sensations.


With a singular sense of style, A-Girl’s is known for its ability to pack a unique feel, ideal weight and exceptional drape in its knitted fabrics. For next autumn winter, the Japanese knitter adds unconventional surface texturing and sensory tactility. The final result is a versatile knit range, targeting upscale menswear, womenswear and athleisure.

Single jerseys, French terries, ribbed and double-face knits are made from select fibres with traceable origins such as premium cashmere, New Zealand wool, high-twist long-staple cotton, and Cupro cellulosic fibre. The AW1920 colour palette embraces nourishing wheat-toned beiges, fiery reds, strong grass greens and dirty greys to blues amongst other nuances. Special finishings mimic a worn-out or washed-over-time aspect, adding a trendy non-conformist spirit.

A-Girl’s aims to deliver the essence of luxury through innovative manufacturing combined with skilled expertise, using both advanced custom-knit technologies and rare vintage machinery. This unique approach sets the Japanese company apart in today’s technology-driven textile and fashion industry.



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