Piovese: sustainable choices for a new collection

Piovese base its creation concept on the 4 elements

Were Piovese to define its creative and production processes, it’d be this way: “A company built on the perfect combination of materials, graphic design and production techniques to give birth to unique labels for clothes in line with the latest fashions.” In recent years, Piovese has added an Elements concept to its mood boards as a way to define their investment in research, development and the production of leather and non-leather accessories with a low environmental impact.

Today, a significant part of their production targets a deliberate research into raw materials and where they come from. Piovese likes their suppliers to focus on the harmony existing between the company’s own work and the natural world. What is Piovese Elements? It’s a line inspired by the four elements: water, earth, air and fire. It follows unusual paths and points of view in the choice of materials:
“Just as in nature the combination of these four elements leads to different facets of life, Piovese Elements can also breathe life into accessories that in their essence belong to the realm of nature”.



Piovese’s collection A20W21

Piovese Fashion’s new A20W21 Collection places notable emphasis on contrast, proposing unexpected combinations, both from a material and colour viewpoint. The company will unveil unusual mixes merging the most “classic” leathers with high-tech elements, which include reflective, holographic, metalized, transparent and many other features. Labels are no longer confined to their usual rectangular shapes, taking on new shapes and sizes. They will become super-sized, and the words super-sized will be printed on the labels themselves. Labels are important, but it’s equally important not to forget other details created for clothing. These also play a significant role in this collection. The company has designed pockets, decorative strips and exclusive inserts to perfect and enhance their clients’ items.


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More about Piovese on its website.

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