Pauline Guerrier gives body to the ethereal

Her pure, suspended installations pull substance out of thin air, an inclination shared by the summer 2021 fashion season

Summer 2021 fabrics give palpable expression to airy evocations. Transparencies thicken, are structured, brought to life by reactive and moving textures. Lightness grows denser, becomes an actual material. Evanescence is veiled in translucent coloured filters that reveal and define the invisible, making it felt.

Pauline Guerrier‘s disconcerting installations are an orderly arrangement of powerful wires and poetically luminous filaments to share in this same questioning of gravity, this same reversal of the expected.

A winding path is invented and constructed through interlaced materials hung at the same height, forming a plane permeable to air and light. Like the season’s decorations, its lines are simplified and favour the clear and generous roundness of curves.

The impression of a horizon, a surface to penetrate, like a sea, to make your own way, and let yourself be guided by sensation. Air becomes tangible. It takes on a shape, takes its place, calls to us. Matter, space and time intersect, and it feels right. The works evolve, encouraging the body to join in the journey, to use personal experience to take ownership of its surroundings.

Weightless works to be experienced, born of a patient and meticulous approach to scientific research, but dedicated to the simplicity of the innocent and spontaneous sensations of those taking the journey. When technology exists, it effaces itself to express what is sentient. An aesthetic simplicity underpins the choice of the essential: nothing too much, nothing weighty. Pre-conceived notions are purged, ideas are put in motion.

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