Pattern Observer: A first time in New York

Pattern Observer, Platform for design studios, is coming to Première Vision New York for the first time. We interviewed them to know more about their service.


Are you excited to come to New York this season?

In our Premiere Vision debut, Pattern Observer is proud to represent the work of over 100 Textile Design Lab members from around the world. As a leading online resource for textile and surface pattern designers, we are more excited than ever to exhibit at Premiere Vision and to showcase the skills, talents, and vision of our online community.


What makes the work of Textile Design Lab members so exciting?

The Lab is a tight-knit design community where members are continually improving their craft, learning new techniques, staying informed of the most up-to-date styles, and making their artwork more marketable. The unique vision and approach to textile and surface design is possible through Textile Design Lab courses that target exactly what up-and-coming designers need, as well as offer a creative hub for more experienced designers to continue their professional development. It’s an appealing home for any designer, as the experts involved with the Lab are world-renowned for their skills and talents in their specific areas of expertise, from fashion, to home decor, to the quilting fabric and children’s markets.

For the work being exhibited at Premiere Vision, our members underwent a rigorous review process that involved:

  • Submitting their work to Textile Design Lab’s private forum
  • Each design receiving a critique by the Lab’s team of expert designers
  • Based on this feedback, making necessary revisions

After final review of a member’s artwork, we made the decision of whether their designs were ready to be presented at Premiere Vision. The standards were high and we could not be more proud of the patterns we are bringing to the show. This curated collection represents the freshest patterns that embody key trends for Spring/Summer 2020, as well as seasonal and holiday offerings. 


What are the main themes/trends in your collection for the season?

A few highlights from our current collection include Animal Skins, Fruit, Tropical Florals & Leaves, Paisley, Memphis-inspired, Ditsy Florals, Artistic Abstracts, Conversational Prints featuring animals, insects, sea creatures, and much more!


Do you have any special designs for the US market?

Pattern Observer has a long track record of designing for apparel brands such as Icebreaker, Columbia, RYU, Moving Comfort, Pair of Thieves, and Turbine Boardwear and we currently offer a selection of over 1000 patterns that are perfect for women’s, men’s and children’s apparel, yet can also translate beautifully to other industries including home decor and paper goods. Our collection includes a wide range of styles from intricate hand-painted paisleys, to clean and graphic vector geos, to layered textural looks. There will surely be something for everyone with the rich array of techniques and styles our designers have been exploring, and with careful attention paid to file quality and the fresh design aesthetic for which Pattern Observer has come to be known.


A last word?

We are thrilled to be partnered with Melissa Schulz of Branded Licensing, a champion for designers in this industry with over twenty years of experience in the licensing world. Melissa currently represents the work of our Pattern Observer Studio designers and Textile Design Lab members who choose to participate in our studio briefs. Melissa will be manning the Pattern Observer booth at Premiere Vision alongside Pattern Observer team member Chelsea von Hasseln.

Stop by Booth i3 for a complimentary wildflower seed pack, the perfect way to start a colorful garden this coming spring!

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