Let’s talk about leather! Note the 4 Talks proposed during the show

Leather fascinates as much as it questions. 4 original conferences will guide you and give you an update on this particularly dynamic and innovative sector.

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Innovation Talks Area (hall 3).

Tuesday 11 February 20


Making an impact through Responsible Leather

The leather supply chain is long and complex, with many issues and solutions.

Textile Exchange has been working with stakeholders from all parts of the industry and the globe, to define what Responsible Leather is and develop a tool that will allow brands to support best practices.

Learn about the innovative approach to address deforestation and animal welfare at the farm level.

Nicole Lambert, Fiber and material specialist / Textile Exchange

Innovation Talks Area, hall 3 / in English


A History of the heel and high platform shoes

A conference on the history of the heel; from its functional origin on Persian men’s shoes to the stiletto heel in the 1950s and its evolution to the present day.

Denis Bruna

Chief Curator Fashion and Textile Department Pre-1800 Collections Musée des Arts Décoratifs

Innovation Talks Area, hall 3 / in English

Wednesday 12 february 20


Leather Bashing: getting the truth about leather

Christophe Dehard, President of SGCP (French Hides Association) Thierry Poncet, Manager of the Leather and Sustainable Development departments at CTC.

Frank Boehly, President of CNC (French Leather Council).
Jérôme Verdier, Owner of Alran SAS – President of the French Tanners Federation.

Moderator: Yves Morin, President of the Organising Committee of SLF Paris.

Leather is a noble, responsible and ethical material. In 2020, who still doubts it?

Innovation Talks Area, hall 3 / in French, translation in English


Thursday 13 February 20


Stop demonising leather: understanding the industry’s challenges, from animal husbandry to finished product

Today’s consumers are reexamining the use of leather in a sometimes virulent way, imposing a moral and environmental responsibility on the production chain, to the point of some brands banning its use.

The growing ecological awareness of fashion players needs to go hand in hand with a better understanding of the leather value chain: there is no leather without breeders, slaughterhouses, meat consumers and tanneries to recycle the hides.

Innovation Talks Area, hall 3 / in English

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