Parley for the Oceans, the global network of responsible industries



Designer Cyrill Gutsch founded the global collaborative network Parley for the Oceans in the firm belief that the power to change the consumer mindset lies in the hands of consumers themselves –  provided they have a choice. Its goal is to bring together the scientific, technological and creative industries, to join forces to build an environmentally-friendly production chain.

Spearheaded by the fight against marine plastic waste, Parley for the Oceans developed Parley Ocean Plastic®, a material directly derived from waste disposed in the ocean, which has been used by Adidas to produce a million products. This partnership – supported by consumers committed to responsible fashion – immediately proved its worth. Building on this success and various other collaborations with fashion brands and designers, Parley has launched Parley Biofabricate, a research program that aims to create a global revolution in raw materials and propose sustainable commercial alternatives, particularly for the clothing industry.

Through conferences, meetings and events around the world, Parley for the Oceans has become a spokesperson for the industries of tomorrow, and industry professionals wishing to commit to a system of sustainable consumption.


To join the movement, come meet Parley for the Oceans at the Smart Square, Hall 3 and come to listen to their talks on thursday 20th !

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