Organic Cotton Colours, responsible company

Choosing Organic Cotton Colours SL means engaging in a 100% virtuous cycle, and offering one of the best-produced cottons in the world.

Yarns, textiles, and even finished products (tee-shirts, underwear and other garments) are available for purchase without any minimum quantities, giving younger brands the chance to enter the market by offering products that are as healthy as possible, without jeopardizing their capital.

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The company’s leading commitment: positive social impact. Organic Cotton Colours SL works with 150 family-owned farms, none larger than 1.5 hectares, in northeastern Brazil, each of which sets aside 100% of their annual cotton production, all at a fixed price and without the intervention of merchants or traders. It then takes charge of transportation and spinning, which is done in Barcelona.

Organic Cotton Colors SL is thus the only intermediary between producer and buyer, and ensures the livelihood of these farms, whose entire production it has committed to purchase. To compensate for potential harvest uncertainties, Organic Cotton Colors SL also works with GOTS certified yarns, which are spun in Barcelona, then knitted in Portugal.

The latest product to discover in the Smart Square? A cotton dyed according to the new 100% organic Greendyes process, elaborated in collaboration with the Horizon Lab. The 15 colours available for dyeing are guaranteed non-toxic, requiring only cold water in very small quantities, for an even more lasting result than conventional dyeing.

The company has developed its own label, OCCGuarantee®, and is GOTS certified.

Come and meet Organic Cotton Colors SL in the Smart Square, Hall 3, and get involved with one of the most responsible companies in the world.


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