Opulence meets discretion in silks

At Blossom Première Vision, silkies specialist Sfate & Combier will be unveiling a collection in a range of intense colourways. Light chiffons and crêpes emerge side by side with flamboyant jacquards.




Sfate & Combier’s 2019-20 winter silks waver between calm and opulence. Three themes illustrate this ambiance. The most baroque versions feature fabrics with impressive visuals. Motifs are inspired by the rich ornamentation of matador attire. In counterpoint, the theme baptized ‘un jour simple’ favour more discreet, feminine fabrics. Houndstooth patterns and shepherds’-checks are unstructured. Midway between the two, a dark universe plays with layered geometric patterns suggesting fractal forms.

These choices apply to all fabric families mastered by Sfate & Combier, which was recently honoured by being named a Living Heritage Company, including light and supple chiffon grounds, shivering silk-and-viscose crêpes and iridescent jacquards accented with shiny Lurex yarns.

In terms of compositions, Céline Maurin, head of the collection, notes that, “The real news comes through in the greater use of viscose and cosy wool, which lends roundness and softness to fabrics.”


Fabric behaviours lend special distinction to a collection for the evening market, which incorporates exceptional fabrics, and a larger collection for daywear. As for colours, the Première Vision colour range is purposely accentuated. The orange shade is intense, fuchsias are more luminous and eggplant and green are stronger.

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