Nuo the new Ligneah, the best of vegetal materials



Sure, the eye is always drawn to the appearance. But the fashion industry can no longer ignore the environmental issues it will face in coming years. To resolve this dilemma, Nuo the new Ligneah set out to develop a vegetal ‘material’ that meets the new demands of both producers and consumers.

From its attractive look to price and ecological considerations, Nuo product fulfils the same function as a traditional skin, allowing brands to offer their customers a quality product, and the ethical approach to go with it.

The founders of Nuo the new Ligneah, who have always been committed to the environment, came up with the idea for Nuo, a vegetal material as supple as an animal skin, by studying the composition of python skin.

The material is made of FSC-certified raw wood, thus harvested under responsible conditions, and then processed with a mechanical system that uses no water or chemicals. Once attached to a cotton layer with a nontoxic glue, it is micro-cut with laser beams, giving it all the flexibility of animal skin. The makers of Nuo are betting it can meet all the expectations of the fashion industry to continue to increase demand, and make vegetal leather the new industry standard.

The Nuo line is produced from well managed and sustainable sources, is Animal free certified, and won the Premio Impresa Ambiente award.

Come meet them at the Smart Square to learn more about the material of the future.


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