New Première Vision Fabrics exhibitors

Its increasingly cutting-edge offer is designed to meet the most specific requirements of the fashion and textile market –  Première Vision Fabrics’ new international recruits enrich the Première Vision Paris offer both in terms of creativity and technology.


JRC Reflex debuts its collection in the Sport & Tech sector with a complete offer of retro-reflective fabrics and technical solutions, made using a specific stratified construction. Already a great success in accessories, they’re now alighting at Première Vision Fabrics, perfectly intersecting with fashion’s growing interest in sport-influenced looks and performance. This can be seen in their new White Metal and Black Metal shades with their amazingly colourful reflections, imbuing this French producer’s fabrics with a glamorous touch perfect for both casual and athleisure fashions. And the new offer of perforated, breathable retro-reflective fabrics guarantees maximum comfort for any sports activity.

JC Reflex - white metal

Embsense Multi-color Organza lace

Speed and personalisation even in small orders is the recipe behind the growing success of Embsense textile, which specialises in eyelet embroidery, guipure and chemical lace, multi-colour organza, denim and jersey embroidery and net.

Updated by a Swedish design office, the embroidery and lace catalog of this Chinese embroiderer features a broad range of inspirations, all of which can be personalised for any kind of textile project, from an order for ready-to-wear or a precious capsule collection.

Boos Textile Elastics has made high-quality elastic solutions its chosen field of operations, with a range of knit elastic inserts and fabrics perfect for lingerie and corsetry, the technical sector and orthopedics.

For Première Vision Paris, the German company is doubling down on an alliance of performance and seductive appeal, with a complete panoply of jacquard, double-faced and decorated elastic edges, as well as structured crochet borders and galloon trims in a wide range of looks, for a personalised textile project down to the smallest detail.

Boos Textile lingerie


An attention to textile detail is also a fundamental element in the research at Chori, a Japanese producer working at the intersection of suitings and sports. At Chori, innovative technology-rich yarns and fibres are key to its constantly updated fabrics. Among its most striking proposals, SakuraTM technology lends its nylon fabrics greater wash and wear resistance, as well as enhanced ‘airproof performance’, while Texbrid®’s unique molecular structure combines advanced stretch properties with increased durability and resistance to chemical agents. Not to mention the recycled ECOBLUE® yarn, made from PET plastic bottles, which is GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified.

At Stamperia Azzurra / Gazzella Tessuti, high innovation standards combine with the values of Italian tradition. Holder of the Devoré-Degumming (DD) patent, which gives fabrics the look of multiple transparencies and a unique contrasting smooth-rough feel, this high-end Italian printer turns regularly to its historical archives for inspiration to update foam prints and paper, rolled, laminated, waxed and corroded effects.

For its first time showing at Première Vision Paris, Stamperia Azzurra / Gazzella Tessuti presents a varied offer of revisited menswear print motifs, trendy tie-dyes, and fabrics in a shiny, pop colour palette with a timeless and modern look.


Innovation and tradition, experimentation and history : a dialogue between past and future also lies at the heart of the offer at Brandamour, which brings together the know-how of three well-seasoned Italian companies: Lanificio Ormezzano, Luigi Botto and Fila. Founded in 1924, Lanificio Ormezzano has specialized since 1970 in producing very high-end linens worked like wool, in luxurious and colourful men’s jacket weights. Luigi Botto and Fila both date to 1815. The first specializes in men’s fabrics with a touch of stretch (1-3%) for casual comfort, while the second produces precious wool fibres (angora, cashmere, camel) for the women’s market. For its debut at Première Vision Paris, Brandamour unveils a product offer that respects the DNA of each company, refreshing them with a focus on textile design, dyeings and finishings that infuse a hint of novelty to its ultra-fine and precious fabrics.


While waiting to meet them next 12-14 February, discover the complete list of new exhibitors at Première Vision Fabrics =>

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