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Get an overview of a selection of new manucturers who will join PV Manufacturing Overseas in Hall 2.

Foshan Seazon – CH

Created in 1995, Foshan Seazon is exclusively focused on denim. Vertically integrated and equipped with the latest technologies, it boasts its own spinning plant (Karl Mayer machines), dyeing plant (Morrison Rope machines), plus weaving (Itema and Picanol), mercerizing (Lafer) and tailoring units. It produces denim with great added value such as brushed denim enriched with wool or acrylic for winter, or denim that is ultra-light and fluid like silk for summer. It also makes denim with Lycra and T400 for daily use, and it is developing a new range of responsible denim using linen, Tencel and Modal.

Hangzhou Leteng – CH

Hangzhou Leteng focuses on creative feminine fashion. The company produces dresses, shorts, skirts, shirts, trousers and jackets. The items are produced using fluid knits coupled with a number of printing techniques. Created in 2018 by agents specialised in sourcing who wanted to offer labels optimal quality of production and service, the company has Wrap certification.

Jiaxing Shuguang Fashion – CH

Leather and fur are the two preferred materials of Jiaxing Shuguang Fashion. This family company, founded in 1992, offers a whole range of know-how from processing of raw material to tailoring. Each year, it produces more than 100 000 items of clothing and 500 000 accessories (capes, scarves, collars, etc.)  edged with rabbit, mink or fox fur. Over the years, its products have become well-known around the world, while in China the company has its own distribution network.


Jiangsu Hubao – CH

A major player in the men’s formalwear sector in China for more than 30 years, Jiangsu Hubao has a turnover of almost one billion dollars, 50 million of which come from export. The suits, bomber jackets, shirts, trousers, sweaters and jackets are all produced in its factory in Yangzhou, where

2 500 employees work to perfect the silhouette of the urban male, whether American, European or Asian.

Jiaxing Sky Fashion – CH

This specialist in woven jackets and outerwear has three production plants, two of which are located in China. The third is situated near Phnom Penh in Cambodia, and produces more than 30 000 items per month for the Japanese and European markets. In total the company, founded in 1994, produces more than one million items of clothing per year, and has been awarded BSCI, Wrap and Iso 9001 certification.  

Elle dispose des certifications BSCI, Wrap et Iso 9001.  

Nanjing Trust Garments CH

A subsidiary of the Chinese textile group Sumec, Nanjing Trust Garment (2018 turnover: 650 million USD) has been a fixture on the large-item market for the last 20 years. Its factory makes high-performance, down-filled quilted jackets for men and women. Each month it produces some 200 000 items for well-known European labels. These companies are sensitive to the quality and added value of its products but also its service policy, which includes the creation and production of collections.

Quanzhou Lime Garment – CH

This Chinese company is recognised for its eco-responsible manufacture of jackets and large items. It has been working since 2012 on the casual wear and active wear markets for men, women and children. For its garment production, Lime favours the use of eco-friendly fabrics such as organic cotton or recycled polyester and polyamide. The thermal insulations it uses are also “green” such as recycled polyester padding. It also uses down, and has RDS certification for the traceability of its suppliers and its charter in favour of animal well-being. The company has been awarded Gots, GRS and Oeko-Tex certification.

Suzhou Insilk – CH

The Insilk plant is located in the Chinese town of Suzhou, reputed for its silk fabrics and its museum of the material. This specialist of silky, printed and embroidered fabrics can boast many decades of traditional expertise. In 2010, it embraced technology and ventured into digital printing, with success: today it supplies many of the biggest names in the luxury sector around the world. A textile manufacturer, Insilk also produces clothing and accessories in silk with a variety of patterns.


Tongxiang Fuxiang Fashion – CH

This Chinese manufacturer is a specialist in women’s fashion. It mainly designs light and fluid models in natural materials (cotton) or synthetics (polyester). Located in Zhejiang province, in Whuzhen, the Tongxiang Fuxiang Fashion plant (with Smeta certification) produces more than one million items each year, mainly dresses, but also shirts, tops and suits. Most of its production is exported to the United States (40%) and Europe (30%).

Wuxi Huasheng Garment – CH

Created in 2001, this Chinese company specialises in casual trousers and warp and weft jackets. Each year, it produces some 2.8 million items, mainly in cotton, polyester, nylon spandex or nylon taffeta. Woven trousers, quilted coats and jackets and other overcoats are mainly destined for Europe and the United States. The company supplies premium labels as well as the young fashion retail sector.


Zheijiang Wenhua – CH

This Chinese company specialises in large items. Since 2003, it has produced quilted, padded, filled or down items such as puffa jackets, warm jackets and other thick jackets made in its factory in Hangzhou. It supplies premium American, Asian and European labels mainly on the jeanswear and casualwear markets, and produces one million items per year.


Zhejiang Caidie Industry – CH

This Chinese company is specialised in sportswear, underwear and shapewear.  Zhejiang Caidie Industry combines hi-tech and creativity. An expert in seamless technology, the company offers a vast range of items: leggings, shapewear shorts, body suits, pants, support bras etc. A fibre producer (50 000 tons per years of polyester thread), knitter and weaver (12 000 tons per year) and a manufacturer (10 million items of underwear per year), the group also has its own colouring unit.

Find out the complete list of the PV Manufacturing Overseas exhibitors here.

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