New exhibitors Manufacturing Knitwear

Première Vision Manufacturing Knitwear will welcome 7 new manufacturers for this February edition. Knitters, knitwear producers and cashmere specialists, discover their know-how.

Haiyan Weiboya Knitted Cloting – China


This Chinese knitwear manufacturer produces one million items each year in its factory near Shanghai. Its expertise is focused on sweaters. The diversity of shapes, collars, stitches and cuts is only matched by the variety of features such as printing or embroidery that add value. Haiyan Weiboyan has many clients in Europe (Ikks, Otto, Riu, Monsoon…) and the United States (Milly, Kohl, etc.) The company has been awarded a number of certifications regarding their ethical production (Bsci, Sedex, Gold wrap).



Inner Mongolia HOly Cashmere – China


This cashmere specialist operates a vertically-integrated organisation, from the raw material to the finished products via spinning, knitting and dyeing. It only spins the wool of the Erlangshan goat, reputed for its quality and softness and creates a variety of gauges of knits, from 3gg to 12gg as well as 5, 7, 9 and 10gg. With a capacity of 600 000 items per year, this Chinese company mainly produces cashmere sweaters for foreign labels: Macy Mall in the USA, and Jean Yves and Not Shy in France, for example. 

Nantong Weifu Foreign Trade– China


Fashion is what drives Nantong Weifu. This producer of women’s knitwear was created in 1992, and offers an extensive range of savoir-faire: sportwear items to coats, via sweaters, dresses and cardigans. It notably offers models in blends of wool, cashmere and viscose. The company has a production capacity of around three million items per year. Its output is mainly destined for the Japanese, American, French and German markets.

Shanghai Pipigou Clothing – China


Founded in 1995 in Shanghai, Pipigou Woolen Textile manufactures premium cashmere items for men and women. Vertically integrated, each year it produces 500 tons of yarn with which it knits two million garments and weaves 600 000 scarves. Its products are distributed around the world to famous labels. An important player in China, it also has its own label and stores for men, women and children.

Shanghai Yoentri Knitting – China


Located in Shanghai, the Shanghai Yoentri Knitting factory specialises in the knitting of premium fibres such as cashmere and wool. In summer, silk and cotton complete its range. Equipped with a fleet of industrial and manual machines, the company offers finished goods, mainly sweaters, produced in a variety of gauges (3 to 16). 60% of its annual output of 300 000 items is exported to Europe (Armani, Versace, Kenzo), while the remaining 40% goes to the United States. 

Suzhou 2-Ply Fashion – China


This Chinese flat knitwear manufacturer has been supplying European and American fashion labels for 26 years. Its extensive fleet of machines allows it to work on a variety of items, from 1.5 to 18 gauge with natural or synthetic yarns. Multicolour knits, intarsia, seamless, incrusted, metallised… this knitwear manufacturer boasts expertise in many areas. The company produces some 200 000 items each month and has obtained Bsci certification.

Tonglu Spring River Knitting Group- China


Located in Hangzhou, Spring River has been making sweaters and other knitwear since the 1990s. It specialises in women’s fashion with fine knit items and added-value products embellished with crochet, lace and embroidery. Some models are made from recycled yarns. The company can produce 4.2 million items annually and meets the needs of high-profile labels such as J.Crew, Gerry Weber and Vince.

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