Nesatex, the finest luxury textiles Made in Italy

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For 40 years now, Nesatex has been producing knit fabrics Made in Italy, working alongside the most prestigious fashion brands in the Italian and international luxury sector.


Specialised in the production of fine-quality knit fabrics, Nesatex works along with the style offices of the world’s most famous fashion and lifestyle brands, creating unique, high-tech, trend-oriented fabrics renowned for their quality. Decades of experience and the continual search for new materials has brought Nesatex to work alongside the top international luxury clothing brands.

The knowledge gained regarding yarns, knitwear, handmade production, attention to detail and sensitivity towards the product and the needs of the customer have made Nesatex a trusted partner for any company seeking to create collections of the finest quality.

Nesatex offers unique, sustainable, production with a wide range of customisation options, and supports customers in an on-going pursuit of exclusive new solutions, protecting them from imitation of any kind and guaranteeing the desired results.

Nesatex has adopted a policy focused on environmental sustainability, using only materials certified as having low environmental impact and not involving cruelty to animals. Always attentive to the research and development of materials with regenerated fibres, both natural and synthetic, obtained from waste material with zero environmental impact, Nesatex carefully selects suppliers who share its philosophy of respect for the environment.    

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