WOMEN’S AW 21/22 FANCIES MUST-HAVES: Blouses and Tops

The season’s decorations cultivate ambivalence, duality, and are firmly resolved to throw off our usual visual perceptions.

While classic motifs remain reassuring, this season they are neither nostalgic nor looking to the past, seeking instead to surprise us and stir our emotions.

Plays on pretense and illusion are found throughout the season’s graphic treatments, with an appetite for blurry and hazy designs constantly ready to reveal hidden mysteries. Herringbones are no longer confined to woolens, and are imbricated, diluted and effaced to offer new, highly personalized decors.

Flowers are boldly ambiguous. Whether tone-on-tone or two-toned, they opt for a discreet elegance to better reveal the season’s shapes and materials. They are opulent, with patterns and colors that transport us into a highly expressive floral explosion.

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Fluid blouses

While giving the lion’s share to expressive materials and prints, some fluid blouses for autumn/winter 21/22 are characterized by an outward simplicity. Loose shapes, inspired by menswear and verging on pajama tops, are worked in light and fluid viscose to give free expression to updated classic prints. Geometrics, in micro or maxi versions, are skillfully interlocked to create surprising optical illusions. Herringbones are fragmented, and broken down in new colorways, to fool our eyes and mimic imaginary animals.

Fluid shirts are also embellished with more feminine, ever so slightly retro details, for tunic or narrow-waisted styles with faux ruffled colors, or bow-festooned necklines. These details combine beautifully with viscose/polyester blends with a runny handle with subtle tone-on-tone decoration. Flowers and maxi-herringbones play on matt and shiny aspects, moving far away from a purely retro-inspired look.



Le Pointillé

Monteoliveto Spa

Korukcu Tekstil


Vaporous blouses

The season’s blouses vaunt their extravagance, fully asserting their uber-femininity. Sleeve caps are exaggeratedly puffy, the bust is marked by smocked waists and necklines are open, creating deliberately generous volumes. Floral motifs assume their rightful place on these blouses. Opulent flowers openly manifest an urge to blossom, worked in forthright and expressive colors with a slightly folkloric flair. Silky materials such as viscose/cupro blends showcase motifs in provocative wraparound styles with long sleeves tightened at the wrists.

On lightly transparent voiles, flowers fade as if to blur our vision and generate mystery, while feather prints fuse and merge to propose intriguing semi-plains. Floral embroideries create a skillful mix of genres and cultures between digitized pixelizations and traditional folk embroideries, to imagine on low-key satin blouses with high-necked collars.



Solstudio Textile Design


Crop tops

More structured tops rely on ultra-simple shapes – boxy and shortened with saddle shoulders – enhanced by opulent metallic jacquards.

Jacquards turn to simplified designs – flowers with pared-down lines and empty backgrounds, or offbeat two-tone geometrics – revealing a precious quality in plush, inflated quilted motifs, as if in 3D, for a slightly futuristic look.

Jacquards also boast lighter weights, to stylishly structure shapes comprising multiple details. In more cocktail versions, tops offer a variety of necklines – square, halter – and asymmetries, and are enlivened by jacquards featuring blurry decoration – a mix of animal motifs and Tachist designs – enhanced with Lurex yarns.




Utterly-simple tops

Spare, refined thin-strapped tops are adorned with subtle lace and enhanced with a soft shine and geometric motifs evoking both a zig zag and a herringbone. There’s also a lingerie influence, thanks to barely shimmering semi-transparent organza, for tops with blurred and ambiguous embroideries to wear day and night.

Ricamificio Gimar


Also discover a selection of men’s fantasy fabrics to build your shirt and pant collections for next Autumn Winter.


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