MS Printing Solutions & Kiian Digital: Digital textile revolution

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Everything began a very long time ago with the belief that: “Only staying always one step ahead, we can drive the tech change“.  

Who they are:

Digital Textile Printing is their context.
Digital Textile Printing design innovative solutions for the ever-changing Digital Textile Printing Market. Engineering machinery and developing inks are matters which require commitment by working with pragmatism, efficiency and quickness to reach their target standards. That’s what their people do every day.

Innovation is the starting point.
The innovation, which inspires their actions, allows them toconceive high-tech digital printing machines and design water-based digital inks, perfectly integrating with each other.

Today’s innovation is the Tradition of tomorrow.
Performance requires experience and expertise. Digital Textile Printing works hard day-by-day, going deep into each digital printing process-step to maintain their high reliability standards.

Sustainability is an aptitude.
It proved it: by producing only water based digital inks; by designing only digital printing machines; by launching as far back as 2015 the #transparentaswater program; by choosing to be compliant with the International and European (Reach) regulations and directives and with the most well-respected textile standards (Eco-passport).

Customer Listening secures their long-term success.
High-profile service and skilled teams create an ongoing dialogue with their customers. Listening and data-analysis are fundamental to offer the best customer-experience, furthermore every single change allows them to improve printing process performance beyond what would have been possible.

More info about MS Printing Solutions and JK Group are Dover Digital Printing companies > here

Visit them Booth Hall 5 G46. More info

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