Milan City Guide #5: alla Milanese

To discover the city like a real Milanese, Giulia Pivetta, Fashion Editor for Grazia Italy, presents some essential places. And for this chapter #5, Cristian Murianni, photographer and denim lover will give you his best addresses to do Milan like a local!

Pasticceria Cucchi

Cucchi is a popular spot for Friday evening happy hour as well as Sunday morning breakfast. The bakery is famous, above all, for its delicious panettoni (a traditional Italian Christmas sweet bread) and artisanal colombe (the dove-shaped Easter counterpart that often contains candied fruit) which are shipped worldwide. But this enchanting spot will also entice you with its torte salate (savoury pies), pastries, confections and chocolate pralines. Pasticceria Cucchi opened in 1938 as a supper club. Every evening, locals gathered to dine and listen to music. These days loyal customers fill its tea room and outdoor seating area. Even tourists are lured in by the sweet smell of freshly baked brioches.

Corso Genova 1

Pasticceria Cucchi

Atelier VM

This brand earned acclaim for its delicate, tailor-made gold bracelet that has neither a clasp nor a fastener but is soldered directly onto the wearer’s wrist. Atelier VM is celebrating two decades in the jewellery business with the opening of a new store on Corso Garibaldi 127. The architectural firm CLS Architetti (now Locatelli Partners) designed the space, seeking to interpret the brand’s minimalist romanticism in the new location’s 16 square metres. Marble in a range of colours – red jasper, green onyx, honey, blue sodalite and Portugal pink – forms the foundation and also serves as a display backdrop for the necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and charms.

Via Cesare Correnti 26

Corso Garibaldi 127

atelier vm2_PH MATTIA IOTTl


Santeria’s first location on Via Paladini set the standard for a new type of cultural centre. It emerged as favourite gathering spot for young people where they could pursue their passions even in organized courses. There’s also a CD store, bookstore, coworking space and exhibition and concert halls. The accomplished professionals who make up the organization put on fascinating and always popular artistic and musical events. Santeria’s second location on Via Toscana, which opened more recently, is another archetype for cutting-edge entertainment with a theatre, shop, classroom and artistic workshop.

Via Toscana 31

Via Privata Ettore Paladini 8


Elita Milano

Located amidst the hopping nightlife scene in the Navigli district, this isn’t your typical touristy spot. Elita sets itself apart with its somewhat sophisticated and snobbish air. With an industrial, minimal decor, Elita began as an event location during Milan Design Week’s Fuori Salone, where design aficionados got together to talk. Now there’s also a gourmet restaurant headed by chef Eugenio Boer. His cuisine is defined by quickly prepared, simple dishes made with carefully selected, fine ingredients. Thus, he came up with the idea of a tapas bar offering infinite varieties that can be paired with unique cocktails.

Via Corsico 5



Step into Peck and immerse yourself in a typically Milanese atmosphere. This is where Milan’s aristocratic housewives do their grocery shopping, selecting from endless gourmet offerings from Italy’s regions, such as porcini mushrooms and truffles. Every day, you’ll find a selection of fresh pasta, fruits, vegetables and pastries of every type imaginable to satisfy your sweet tooth. In addition to having a vast cheese and cold-cuts section, Peck is also a wine shop that sells predominantly French labels. There’s also a cocktail bar and restaurant. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy the restaurant’s scrumptious offerings for lunch or dinner. But remember to book a table well in advance.

Via Spadari 9


Tips from the denim insider: Cristian Murianni

Cristian Murianni, photographer and denim lover shares with us his best Milanese addresses.


Go to Bastianello in the morning, to enjoy the best cappucino!

via Borgogna 5

Pavè Milano

At midday, have a lunch at Pavè…

via Felice Casati 27

Beata quartina dell’Alabama

In the evening, visit la Beata quartina dell’Alabama to enjoy a beer and concerts.

Via Privata Angera 3




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