Milan City Guide #4 Go Green: everything sustainable and healthy

Here, Giulia Pivetta, Fashion Editor for Grazia Italy, presents our guide for green lovers! Everything that is sustainable and healthy in Milan! And for this chapter #4, Andrea Rosso, founder of MYAR, will give you his best address to go green!


This is not your ordinary store but a Milan landmark. The merchandise includes a vast assortment of military clothing (field jackets, coats, berets) as well as other garments, work coveralls and denim clothing imported directly from the United States. The stores also sells rugged wear jeans. In fact, you’ll find only big names such as Lee, Wrangler and Super Rifle. If you stop by the store, you can also browse through the selection of casual clothing that includes shirts, t-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts and accessories.

Alzaia Naviglio Grande 58



This all-natural bistro uses seasonal and organic ingredients and cooks them in a manner to ensure their nutritional values remain intact. Then the ingredients are blended or paired in order to create dishes with original flavours. In short, healthy food prepared in creative ways is at the heart of the bistro’s cuisine. The ever-changing menu also features vegetarian and vegan dishes. There are plenty of dairy- and egg-free desserts, such as traditional “zeppole” (fried pastries), mimosa cake, “baci di dama” or lady’s kisses and jam tarts.

Via Cesare Battisti 1

Via San Prospero 4

Piazzale Cadorna 14

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Bivio sells second-hand clothing at honest prices in its three Milan stores. Browse through the designer clothes, shoes, purses and accessories. Non branded items are also available, all carefully and enthusiastically selected by staff members at each store. Every store reflects the personality and style of its neighbourhood. For this reason, you might find an Au Jour Le Jour dress in the Ticinese store and perhaps a pair of Prada shoes in the Porta Venezia store. You can find some real deals and maybe even snatch up some pieces from current collections.

Via Gian Giacomo Mora 4

Via Gian Giacomo Mora 14

Via Lambro 12

Bivio resize

Frida Bike

Milan had long needed a bike store like this. Eco-friendly Frida sells specialty bikes such as cargo, utility, longtail and trike models. Families, in particular, have come to appreciate these bicycles that allow them to move around easily without having to rely on a car or public transit. Cargo bikes are an incredibly useful and comfortable means of transporting children and animals, as well as groceries or a gym bag. No doubt you’ll find the model that suits you best. If you’re a true environmentalist, you owe it to yourself to stop by. The cargo bikes can also be rented.

Via Piero della Francesca 34


Pourquoi moi

This charming store will become near and dear to your heart in no time. Relaxing and intimate, it feels as if you’re in a living room decorated with lovely modern antiques, lamps, a sofa and mirrors that hearken back to grandma’s house. The owner obviously knows where to go to find the finest clothes predominantly from the 1960s and 1970s. Thanks to her, the clothes take on a new life as well as the purses placed on tables and the hats hanging from the walls. Buying an item here is an investment since the quality is guaranteed. In addition, every piece is unique and worth jealously holding on to.

Ripa di Porta Ticinese 27

Pourquoi moi resize

Tips from the denim insider: Andrea Rosso

Andrea Rosso, founder of MYAR shares with us his best address in Milan to go green:

Città Studi

This Milanese district is great to ride by bike! In Città Studi, Andrea Rosso’s preferred area is the one that goes from Sansovino to Politecnico, with its 70’s charm.
The perfect place to get lost in green!

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