Milan City Guide #3: Art and culture

Here, Giulia Pivetta, Fashion Editor for Grazia Italy, presents our guide to Milanese’s culture spots. Our guest for this chapter #3 is the famous denim patterns maker, Alessio Berto.

Fondazione Prada and Milan Osservatorio

Founded respectively in 2015 and 2017, these are already two of Milan’s most acclaimed cultural institutions. At the Fondazione Prada, the exhibit “Whether Line” by Lizzie Fitch and Ryan Trecartin recently opened. The artists analyze and explore the new promised land, examining it with regard to two key aspects – returning and fleeing. The visitor plays an active role in the journey by participating in the multimedia installation.

In turn, the Milan Osservatorio focuses on contemporary photography with a mission of discovering and promoting new international artists. “Surrogati: Un Amore Ideale” (Surrogate: A Love Ideal) will be on display through 22 July. The exhibit by Jamie Diamond and Elena Dorfam features 42 works that explore love in its various forms: familial, romantic and sexual.

Fondazione Prada: Largo Isarco 2 Milan Osservatorio: Galleria di Corso Vittorio Emanuele II


Fondazione Prada_Torre_14

Fondazione Carriero

The Fondazione Carriero sets the standard among Milan’s private modern and contemporary art institutions. The foundation has the great fortune of being located in Palazzo Parravicini, one of Milan’s few 15th-century buildings, which was renovated by Gae Aulenti. The careful eye of the renowned Italian curator Francesco Stocchi is behind the high-quality shows and publications. Presently on display is the first solo show dedicated to the Brazilian visual artist Lygia Pape, one of the founders Brazil’s neo-concrete movement in the late 1950s.

Via Cino del Duca 4



Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro

The Foundation was established with the aim of conserving the works of the great Italian artist Arnaldo Pomodoro and promoting young international contemporary artists, particularly sculptors. In addition, the foundation has mounted an environmental exhibit inside the Fendi showroom on Via Solari. “Ingresso nel Labirinto” (Entrance to the Labyrinth) is a work created by Pomodoro from 1995 to 2011, a richly evocative and metaphorical journey in which the visitors become explorers.

Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro: Vicolo Privato Lavandai 2/A

“Ingresso nel Labirinto”, Fendi showroom: Via Andrea Solari 35


LABIRINTO_pomodoro_credit_Dario Tettamanzi

Ansaldo workshops, part of the Teatro alla Scala

If you’ve always wanted to go behind the scenes of a theatrical production, this is the perfect opportunity. Every Tuesday and Thursday, the Ansaldo workshops organize guided tours lasting from one hour to 75 minutes for school groups and, depending on availability, individuals. Help with a show and discover everything that happens during a scene. The world of machinists, actors, sound engineers and prompters awaits you.

Via Bergognone 34



Cardi Gallery

Founded in 1972, this prominent Milan gallery has always demonstrated a razor-like intuition for the international contemporary art scene. The gallery has spaces both in Milan and in a Georgian building in London’s exclusive Mayfair quarter. High-quality exhibits with detailed catalogues or monographs written by today’s finest critics are the norm. In Milan, the work of the late Dan Flavin is on display. The minimalist pioneer created sculptures with fluorescent and coloured neon lights. A total of 14 of his light works from the 1960s to the 1990s are featured. The works epitomize an artistic career that probed deeply into the concept of light and colour as well as sculptures’ effect on a space.

Corso di Porta Nuova 38


Cardi_credit_carlo vannini

Tips from the denim insider: Alessio Berto

Alessio Berto from the Tailor Pattern Support shares with us his best address in Milan:

Serendeepity Records

“If you like vinyls this is your shop! Here you can find House music, Jazz, Soundtracks Funk and Electronic Beats music reissues or new editions on vinyl. The guys also produce new music so if you are lucky you can visit the “amazing vintage equipment recording studio” on the basement.
Also available a cool selection of vintage “60’s inspired” clothes and objects. If you love the vinyls but you don’t have a turntable you can find it here, plus mixers, headphone so you can became a real DJ!'”

Don’t miss Alessio Berto’s workshop series unveil the secrets to the perfect denim pattern!


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