Milan City Guide #2 : Restaurants and Caffès

Here, Giulia Pivetta, Fashion Editor for Grazia Italy, presents our guide to Milan’s restaurants & caffès. Our guest for this chapter #2 is Kristian Guerra – co-founder with Laura Guerra of the conceptual brand and creative platform Ice Surface Temperature.

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Caffè Fernanda

This gorgeous café must be seen to be believed. A work of art in itself, it is fittingly located within the Pinacoteca di Brera, the prestigious state-owned picture gallery. Caffè Fernanda is named in honour of Fernanda Wittgens, the museum’s first female director.   The interior design recalls the 1950s, particularly the contrast between the bar encased in ribbed wood and the petrol green walls. It’s definitely worth your while to stop by, even just for an espresso. Soak up the timeless atmosphere in one of the antique pink armchairs in the main room or outside on the terrace.

Via Brera 28



Japanophiles or simply those interested in broadening their horizons will love this concept store as well as its café and restaurant. Tenoha sells unusual (and irresistible) Japanese design objects in a vast, bright space filled with plants. You’ll find stationary supplies and cosmetics, housewares and magazines. And plenty of good eats, whether you are craving a snack or cocktails and munchies, a full lunch or dinner. You can even work in the laid-back, cheerful co-working spaces. The idea behind this project is to raise awareness of Asian culture, whether by tasting a typical dish or purchasing a minimalist curio.

Via Vigevano 19



Cafezal Specialty Coffee

You don’t need to be a coffee connoisseur to simply stop by its café and enjoy this roasting company’s many varieties of coffee. The café is half Italian and half Brazilian, just like its owner, Carlo Bitencourt, who has wisely combined Italy’s mastery of the espresso with South America’s tradition of coffee bean cultivation on plantations.  The result is coffee in all its unique, diverse glory. Select bean varieties can be purchased on site as well as stove-top espresso makers and accessories. The café’s elegant decor is the work of the renowned design firm Studio Pepe. With a meticulous attention to detail, the atmosphere is the perfect blend of vintage and contemporary style.

Via Solferino 27

Cafezal_cr Giuseppe Dinnella

Osteria del Binari

In Tortona, Milan’s design district, this osteria offers traditional dishes from the Italian countryside made with seasonal ingredients and given a modern twist. The menu is filled with palate-pleasing options, even for the most sophisticated gourmands. The regal decor has a Parisian feel with parquet floors, antique dark wood sideboards, red armchairs and the brass-trimmed bar. Not to mention the elegant veranda where diners relax in old-fashioned cane chairs around round tables. The service is impeccable.

Via Tortona 3

Osteria del Binari

28 posti

This bistro in the Navigli district serves contemporary cuisine. The dishes are made with complete respect for the environment – that is, using sustainable and seasonal ingredients. Due to this approach, the menu changes every two months, a delightful surprise for diners who can savour new experimental dishes and unique flavour combinations. Chef Marco Ambrosino also creates vegetarian and vegan options as well as dishes suitable for those who suffer from celiac disease. The decor features many recycled objects, a rustic, laid-back style that makes you feel right at home.

Via Corsico 1


Tips from the denim insider: Kristian Guerra

Kristian Guerra – co-founder with Laura Guerra of the conceptual brand and creative platform Ice Surface Temperature shares with us his best addresses in Milan:

Gastronomia Yamamoto

Via Amedei, 5, 20123 Milano

Mood market

Via Paolo Sarpi, 41, 20154 Milano

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