A merging of elegance and responsibility

Selecta Como updates classic motifs and freely borrows new seductive aspects from technical fabrics, while keeping an eye on a responsible approach to nature.



For winter 2019-2020, Selecta Como introduces no fewer than 150 new fabric references. The collection showcases the full variety of this Italian company’s specialties: prints, jacquards, yarn-dyeds and plains in a blend of fibres, finishings and decorations. The in-house style team opted for a palette of dense colours, a wide variety of greens and powdery pastels. White and black remain as vital as ever.

Aspects emphasize shine, through Lurex yarns, but especially through the use of special coatings. The accent on fluidity and elegance in no way hinders an exploration of neoprene / nylon-based recipes borrowed from high-performance fabrics via the specific “Deep Touched” process.

In terms of  decoration and motifs, their repertoire is developed with animal patterns with zebra replacing leopard designs; flowers with highlighted outlines; modern geometric shapes; and jacquards with generous, baroque ornamentation.

The mill will also be exhibiting an expanded version of its green collection comprising organic materials and recycled polyester. Sustainable development remains a company priority, as is social responsibility.

A Global Organic Textile Standards certification is underway. And as for artificial fibres, Tencel brand viscose is preferred over other wood fibres due to its more environmentally friendly production.



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