Meeting with Christoph Rumpf, Première Vision Grand Jury Prize of the Hyères Festival

For the past 8 years Première Vision has been committed to the famous Hyères festival celebrating young fashion designers, fulfilling its mission to support textile creativity while helping to discover new design talents destined to propel tomorrow’s creative industries.

As part of this commitment, the September show will feature the work of Austrian designer Christoph Rumpf, winner of the Première Vision Grand Jury Prize at the 34th Hyères Festival of Fashion, Photography and Fashion Accessories.

He was awarded the prize on the basis of his creative men’s collection and strong commitment to responsibility.

Rumpf will present his winning designs at Première Vision Paris (Hall 5) in an exclusive exhibit.

Come and meet him!

« This collection revolves around the story of a little boy who grew up in the jungle without humans and turned out to be a long lost prince. Upon his return to his people, he struggles to take on his role as sovereign. It is about finding oneself and about the contradiction that clothes were once meant to protect but are now used as a form self expression and beauty. This is a story about different kinds of beauties and about the transformation of one person in his youth.

These looks are meant to fullfill a fantasy and to transform you into a character of your choice. All garments are meant to give you different versions of power and strength.

In a time were we question the word luxury, it was important to me to work against overconsumption and to keep the environmental footprint of this collection as low as possible. Modern luxury means being socially and environmentally responsible.

For that reason Viennas nostalgic fleamarkets were the source for most textiles used in my collection, giving carpets, curtains, bellydance costumes, scarfs and fabrics from different eras and cultures a new life. Aware that each found item is a precious luxury good itself, worked with the greatest care, instead of wasting precious yards of fabric.

Inspired by nationalities and cultures all over the world, from Indian textures, to the opulence of Arabian monarchs up to Spanish costumes of the 17th century, mixed with images from Pierre et Gilles and James Bidgood, and the opulence of the Viennese architecture, my work is supposed to bring cultures together and create something different and new. »

Beyond the presented clothing designs, the aim of the exhibit is also to highlight the expertise of Première Vision Paris exhibitors, who contributed their own support to the next generation of designers by supplying the festival’s finalists with materials and services to help create their collections.

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