Marit Ilison outfits the Blossom Première Vision hostesses

Première Vision has a special attachment to young design talent.

Première Vision team met Marit Ilison for the first time in 2014, when she was finalist of the 29th International Festival of Fashion and Photography at Hyères*.

Blossom Première Vision is honoured to welcome Marit Ilison this December 17 edition and highlight her talent through this fresh and coloured silhouette!

“My main goal is to create experiences, lasting and memorable feelings;
to have and to keep – be it a mind blowing space installation or an act of wearing a simple black dress.”
– Marit Ilison




Hailed as “the true poetess of clothing” by French haute couture magazine Stiletto, Marit is a multi-disciplinary artist and fashion designer mixing deep concepts with feelings, sensitivity and eye-catching form. Ilison is actively involved in various projects ranging from conceptual art and site-specific installations to fashion, theatre, exhibition and perceptional experience design and music.


The new Longing For Sleep 2018 Collection I by Marit Ilison is full of power of bright colors and revitalising fresh energy. Velvety coats accompanied by handmade shimmering sequin dresses and bold prints make up a new level of colour study for the designer Marit Ilison. „For me it is really an exercise on the colour – how to tame such shades full of that strong energy, how to make them sound? How to find an inner harmony that would resonate with such frequencies?“ says the designer.  

Longing For Sleep collection is currently available worldwide in selected boutiques. From November 2017 11 stockists will be added, including Montaigne Market in Paris and, which will be featuring exclusive styles made specially for the named boutiques.



Marit Ilison Creative Atelier is a family-run creative design studio established by Marit and her brother Peeter Ilison in 2013 that represents Marit’s vision and projects. MICA’s main fashion focus is the “Longing For Sleep” women’s wear collection featuring its signature woolen coats in bold prints and vivid colors. Although working with such strong themes, Ilison’s work is always conceptual, minimalistic and poetic, refined with pure lines and clean silhouettes.

Alongside the ready-to-wear collections MICA launched their minimalistic “Black Heart” project – a capsule collection which presents essential t-shirts and sweatshirts with a minimal and silent speaking bold graphics. The ethos behind this collection is to multiply and spread the love in this world with each t-shirt worn.

Marit Ilison Creative Atelier works to support and promote the future fashion model by combining luxury, slow and sustainable fashion, creating a memorable customer experience, unique design and ultimate craftsmanship.


* Ever since 2011, Première Vision Paris has been a partner of the International Festival of Fashion and Photography at Hyères, a natural pairing for two players so noted for their support of young designers. Première Vision lends its name to the Grand Prize awarded during the Fashion Competition of the celebrated festival.

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