Manteco: an artistic birthday, combining history and tradition

75 years of history, that’s worth celebrating! Italy’s Manteco chose to celebrate the occasion with a tribute to the most cutting-edge and contemporary artistic creation, in the form of a dual collaboration with contemporary artist Loris Cecchini.  The partnership has led to a monumental new step in the Waterbones series of modular installations, which can be seen until the end of the year on the façade of Florence’s Gallery Hotel Art. There is also a special edition of the artist’s catalogue, adorned for the occasion in a black and silver wool and lurex jacquard, a fabric reproduction of the installation’s aquatic motif.

2018 is also the year the company inaugurates its digital and documentary archives, providing a research and training area open to the public and, especially, a younger generation. What better tribute to the history of this company, which, when it was founded in Prato in 1943, came up with the idea of meeting the growing need for post-war clothing by using fabric from military uniforms?

Since then, regenerating wool from used garments has been one of the company’s more buoyant production areas, an indication of the intense focus on the environment and fibre traceability, which the market is increasingly seeking. As a result, Manteco, which specialises in men’s and women’s jacket and coat weights, was awarded the Radical Green Award last March. And just as with its virgin wool fabrics, the weaver’s regenerated wool developments are characterized by a constant creative research in colours, materials and methods, all rigorously elaborated in-house for the past 75 years.


PRESSPHOTO Firenze, Vernissage per l'installazione Waterbones di Loris Cecchini. Nella foto l'artista con Franco Mantellassi Giuseppe Cabras/New Press Photo

Loris Cecchini & Franco Mantellassi


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