MAISON DESRUES: Costume jewelry for luxury brands

Created in 1929 by Georges Desrues, the Maison Desrues serves the greatest fashion and luxury houses with its talent as a parurier, a craftsman producing costume jewelry and accessories. The Maison is the repository of ancestral know-how and continues to enrich the range of its techniques by turning to the future and to the most advanced innovations.

At present, it has succeeded in binding excellence in artistic craftsmanship with the strength of industry in its workshops at Plailly, in the Oise region. Nearly three hundred craftsmen, designers, modelers, stylists and technicians work there every day.


This unique philosophy has made the Maison Desrues an artistic crafter capable of creating the most beautiful buttons, jewelry, accessories for the most confidential series to the largest quantities. Its rich archives of tens of thousands of pieces are regularly expanded. The Maison is on the constant look-out for new materials, is constantly experimenting with new techniques or ways of repurposing more traditional materials, and has emerged as a key partner of luxury houses. Desrues accompanies the creations for each of its customers, participating in the process, orchestrating all possible resources to exceed their desires.


Craftsmanship and industry: two worlds that everything seems to oppose but are nevertheless complementary as appears obvious upon entering the workshops. Here, the wooden benches are worn by time, by hands and by the work, the countless bits, bells, files, scalpels and other bead settings, the ‘kitchens’, their pots, colanders and jars of pigment alongside machines for molding, machining, resin casting, melting, galvanizing, sculpting, dying, polishing, 3D printing…

We see the preservation and the enrichment of a craft, a combination of crafting skills and continuous innovation, and a reinterpretation of these in a spirit of modernity. Remaining at the cutting edge of technology while leaning on history. Mixing past, present and future. This is the challenge that the Maison Desrues takes on every single day.


You can find Maison Desrues in the Accessories sector of the Première Vision New York show, at Booth K10.


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