“Made in Normandy” organic linen and hemp

The LCBio association is based in the Pays de Caux in Normandy, an area known to be one of the most suitable in the world for growing flax. Created in June 2013, LCBio brings together organic flax and hemp producers and processors according to three colleges of members: organic farmers, cooperative and private enterprises and partner institutions.

Growing flax is technically very difficult to control and requires special attention at every stage. Receiving no other treatment than that of a harrow, organic flax is very demanding from sowing to harvesting, as it only grows on very clean soils and in a favorable climate, hence the interest of pooling knowledge and innovations. LCBio sees itself as a space for exchange on the know-how and techniques of growing organic flax and hemp: it aims to develop research and experimentation, ensure that crop rotation is in line with the state of the market, promote the two textile fibres and finally promote transparency in the prices paid to producers.

Flax and hemp are two fibres which can be grown and treated under the same conditions. The association also sets itself the task of creating a textile flax industry that complies with the Bio and GOTS label and of determining a technical itinerary for hemp, whose cultivation is undergoing a revival, in order to obtain a straw that can be scutched on the linen tools and a quality of fibre that meets the requirements of the textile industry. Eventually, LCBio hopes to be able to set up complete French organic flax and hemp textile chains.

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