Mackent, the spacer materials specialist

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MACKENT, the spacer materials specialist
Mackent Fabrics Co. Ltd. was founded in 1999 as a manufacturer for Spacer materials (three layers of knitted fabrics) that are used in the construction of cups for ladies’ bras.

In 2011 Mackent Fabrics Co. Ltd. (Mackent Group) reached the next level of offering professional services to the lingerie industry by launching the vertically integrated value chain from knitting to dyeing for manufacturing and innovating fashion textile Spacers.

Since then Mackent Group has invested intensively in design, innovation and technology to move from the Proto-Spacer (three-layers of the knitted fabric) technology into ‘Beyond Spacer’ (the high fashion knitted fabric) that has nearly unlimited possibilities in structure, dimensionality, colors and print for the ready-to-wear, festive, event and couture fashion market needs.

Mackent Beyond Spacer is unique in its appearance, handfeel and wearing comfort offering visual effects and multi-dimensional structures to 3D simulation looks. It can be dyed and printed in many ways and offers nearly unlimited creative possibilities to realize your designer’s ideas.


  • On Demand and All Year Around
  • Autumn Winter
  • Spring Summer

Values of the brand Versatility, Integrity and Reliability to foster our collaboration with the leading global Brands. Achieving the highest level of their customer’s satisfaction is the core of our market oriented consumer centric corporate culture.

Be constantly probing their status quo and increasing their process efficiency, Mackent Beyond Spacer strive for the highest level of quality, Innovation and service.

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