Let’s talk about eco-responsibility: 15 talks, more than 40 speakers!

Participate in the Talks on Fashion and Eco-Responsibility: share the views and experiences of renowned international experts on the major issues in the sector. Eco-responsible initiatives in the leather sector, focus on wool and linen, on-demand production, a look at young creations, new materials available, the life cycle of the garment, blockchain, committed sourcing, and much more ! Ask for the program.

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Innovation Talks Area (hall 3) or Fashion Talks Area (hall 6)

3 days / 15 Talks / more than 40 speakers


10-11 am

Making an impact through Responsible Leather

The leather supply chain is long and complex, with many issues and solutions.

Textile Exchange has been working with stakeholders from all parts of the industry and the globe, to define what Responsible Leather is and develop a tool that will allow brands to support best practices.

Learn about the innovative approach to address deforestation and animal welfare at the farm level.

Nicole Lambert, Fiber and material specialist / Textile Exchange

Innovation Talks Area, hall 3 / in English

1-2 pm

The Invisible Tide: The truth behind textile microfibre pollution

Over many decades, environmentalists have warned that using the oceans as a dumping ground will come back to haunt humanity. Yet the more recent revelation that our marine environments are now a soup of invisible, tiny plastic fragments seems to have blindsided many people.

This is certainly true of the global fashion industry, which is still struggling to comprehend that textile fibres are major part of this global environmental problem. Find out more about how this could impact on you, your business and perhaps more importantly, our planet.

John Mowbray, Founder & Editor / Ecotextile News

Innovation Talks Area, hall 3 / in English

2-3 pm

Do we even need (real) clothes?

In partnership with Vogue Business. This panel will examine the promise of digital design to decrease waste and provide ‘fast fashion’ that wins on both social media and social responsibility.

Talk moderated by Maghan McDowell, innovation editor at Vogue Business
Kerry Murphy – The Fabricant
Morten Grubak – Virtue
Lisa Bridgett, COO – Drest

Innovation Talks Area, hall 3 / in English

3-4 pm

Fashion has proven it is impactful. This shouldn’t stop at the end of the Catwalk.

As we can see with this year’s Met Gala Theme, “About Time: Fashion and Duration”, the conscientious mentality has taken over at the highest level of the fashion world. “Duration” has us consider the life-cycle of our wardrobe, that our clothes stay with us for longer than a season. This forces us not only to think about the end of life of our clothes, but also the process with which they were made, ensuring that chemicals that have been used are safe, providing a value to society.

Mr. Kutay Saritosun – Director Fashion Brands, Bluesign Technologies AG

Innovation Talks Area, hall 3 / in English

4-5 pm

WOOL : Sustainable, high-performance and profuse : have you (really) met wool ?

No matter how far innovation grow eco-fibers, the most sustainable ones will always be natural and raw. Wool has amazing technical properties and qualities allowing many uses. In between excess and underutilization, how do brand proceed and what standards consumers refer to ?

Talk proposed and moderated by Victoire Satto, The Good Goods
Matthew Pedersen representative from the Woolmak Company, Country Manager UK & Turkey
Pascal Gautrand, Founder of Made In Town & Le Bureau Tricolor re-building the French wool industry
Sophie Duflos, Head of product department at Fusalp
Marie-Emmanuelle Demoures, Head of product department at Balzac Paris

Innovation Talks Area, hall 3 / in English


10-11 am

Leather Bashing: getting the truth about leather

Leather is a noble, responsible and ethical material. In 2020, who still doubts it?

Christophe Dehard, President of SGCP (French Hides Association) Thierry Poncet, Manager of the Leather and Sustainable Development departments at CTC
Frank Boehly, President of CNC (French Leather Council)
Jérôme Verdier, Owner of Alran SAS – President of the French Tanners Federation

Moderator: Yves Morin, President of the Organising Committee of SLF Paris.

Innovation Talks Area, hall 3 / in French, translation in English

11 am-12 am

The illusory quest for “eco-materials”

An awareness of the environmental havoc caused by various human activities has now been well established, and there’s a real desire to “do less harm”. But all too often, unfortunately, the solutions proposed aren’t in fact very effective. Often, they’re based on simplistic or even meaningless concepts and terms, without considering the complexity of the problems that need to be addressed. Today, it’s crucial to take a critical approach to the solutions proposed, and maybe start taking a humbler look at how nature, so sorely abused by human activities, has been successfully functioning and producing for millions of years with such a subtle balance… to go back to Earth school as it were, to learn from the efficient and enduring solutions found in the evolution of life itself.

Quentin Hirsinger, Chairman of matériO’ SAS

Innovation Talks Area, hall 3 / in French, translation in English

1-2 pm

Is the next generation of sustainable fashion in the hands of radical game changers?

This panel will host some of the most out-of-the-box innovators in the fashion and textile business. Some of the most visionary innovators with a lateral thinking approach who lead unexpected and experimental paths towards a sustainable future. The talk will offer a glimpse of the many directions creativity could venture into going beyond traditional routes.

Talk proposed and moderated by Giusy Bettoni, founder and President of C.L.A.S.S, Ecohub reference in sustainable fashion.

Kenji Higashi, Head of Business Development & Sustainability at Spiber Inc..
Andras Forgacs founder and CEO of Modern Meadow
Femke Zijlstra Business Development DyeCoo

Innovation Talks Area, hall 3 / in English

2-3 pm

Preparing Products for the Circular Economy

In partnership with Vogue Business. New technologies are helping clothing manufacturers plan for what to do with the materials when they are ready for recycling and disassembly. We will hear from startups and fashion companies about the work they are doing to prepare a garment for sustainability from the moment it’s born.

Talk moderated by Maghan McDowell, innovation editor at Vogue Business
Natasha Franck – EON
Maruschka Loubser – Microsoft
Cameron Worth – SharpEnd

Innovation Talks Area, hall 3 / in English

4-5 pm

Linen : the antic fiber of our future.

From embroidered bedsheets to shapeless summer shirts : where you see linen clichés, we know an incredible fabric that is natural, ecological, local and absolutely chic. How about deconstruct biais and build a sustainable fashion future on a solid fiber ?

Talk proposed and moderated by Victoire Satto, The Good Goods
Stefano Albini, President Albini Group
Geoffrey Bruyère, Founder CEO BonneGueule
Marie Demaegdt, Textile and Sustainability Director The European Confederation of Linen & Hemp
Dorothee Gouze, Directrice de collection Icicle

Innovation Talks Area, hall 3 / in English

5-6 pm

Blockchain 101 for Fashion and Luxury

Blockchain technology is often presented as an overall solution to the challenges facing the fashion and luxury industry. What exactly is blockchain technology – and what do we need to know about it to understand how to use it in our own industries? From supply chain transparency to product authenticity, where are the real opportunities – and which ideas look good but aren’t?

Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, CEO & Co-Founder Arianee, Founder & Curator Foundashion

Innovation Talks Area, hall 3 / in English

5-6 pm

How is eco-responsible fashion reshaping sourcing strategies?

A round-up of the new mapping of European apparel sourcing, with the latest findings from an IFM survey of 100 retailers.

– The new mapping of European sourcing
– How have retailers’ sourcing strategies evolved in light of the latest consumer trends?
– What are today’s priorities in terms of responsible sourcing?

Gildas Minvielle / Director of the Première Vision – Institut Français de la mode Chair, Director of the IFM Economic Observatory

Mohammed Boubouh, Président de l’AMITH

Fashion Talks Area, hall 6 / in English


10-11 am

Stop demonising leather: understanding the industry’s challenges, from animal husbandry to finished product

Today’s consumers are reexamining the use of leather in a sometimes virulent way, imposing a moral and environmental responsibility on the production chain, to the point of some brands banning its use. The growing ecological awareness of fashion players needs to go hand in hand with a better understanding of the leather value chain: there is no leather without breeders, slaughterhouses, meat consumers and tanneries to recycle the hides.

Nathalie Elharrar, leather and accessories expert consultant

Innovation Talks Area, hall 3 / in English

12-1 pm

Reshaping the Fashion Rules. New designers are emerging with innovative models.

New designers are emerging with innovative models.

Kevin Germanier (Germanier)
Emily Bode (BODE)
Spencer Phipps (Phipps)
Lisi Herrebrugh and Rushemy Botter (Botter)
Talk moderated by Serge Carreira, Head of Emerging Brands Initiative at the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode (FHCM)

Innovation Talks Area, hall 3 / in English


RETEX structures the textile recycling industry

RETEX, managed by EuraMAterials, supports the development of first transformation products from end-of-life or production scrap textiles, for an innovative offer of eco-designed items.

In this presentation we will show you the concrete results, value chain, yarns, products obtained by the companies involved in the RETEX project.

To raise your awareness beforehand check:


Innovation Talks Area, hall 3 / en anglais


Smart Creation Pitchs

Bananatex : turning banana fiber into technical fabric
Coccon : organic and non-violent silk

Discover the show pogram.

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