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Kilim Denim takes its ecological responsibilities as a denim producer very seriously. They invite you to discover their very latest innovations for Spring/Summer 2022: NANOX – an anti-bacterial and water & oil repellent denim – and NATUREX, a denim made of natural and ecological fibers.


The Naturex Collection with natural and ecological fibers, focuses on carrying the environmental elements and maintaining the relation to nature. Nature has been our leading path while creating this collection.

The purpose is to remind us of our responsibilities at all times during this period – when we are getting used to the new “normal”.

Naturex is Kilim Denim’s most sustainable collection with the use of maximum recycle content and natural fiber usage. The quality and durability of the fabric has been maintained successfully while using recycled fibers thanks to the innovative technology introduced by Kilim Denim.

These fabrics are woven with what nature offers us and unique because of:

  • Extra soft touch with Tencel Refibra,
  • Cosmic Effect – a special napped look achieved by using Linen
  • Naturally hypoallergenic and sustainable thanks to Hemp

Just like nature’s offerings, Naturex presents a wide range of fabrics from rigid to super stretches.

Kilim Denim


Our desire for safety and protection increase with the changing world and that forces us to stay within our comfort zones. However, comfort zones push us away from adventures, explorations and sincerity.

Kilim Denim

Kilim Denim pushes the limits in production and textile and introduces the Nanox collection in a world with a more increased need for safety in order to continue exploring.

Our innovative Silver-Tech Finish makes Nanox collection anti-bacterial and water & oil repellent.

Ekoteks test reports show that the fabrics maintain their antibacterial features by 99% even after 20 washes. High performance is the most prominent feature of this collection as a result of combination of design and technology.

Self-cleaning feature significantly reduces the need for washing the garment at home as it keeps the jeans fresh for longer. Nanox collection will create an awareness for water consumption among the consumers, and will make them an important part of the sustainability chain.

The collection embraces the motto “safety and comfort everywhere with denim of the future: Nanox” and earns everybody’s trust with its fabric thickness and wide elasticity scale.

A Nanox for every adventure!

To be discovered too, Kilim Denim’s waterless project:

Cactus: dyeing without, saving nature!

Watch the video!

Don’t miss! Kilim Denim is actively taking part in the Digital Denim Week.

Visit Kilim Denim online store to shop their latest collections right here:

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