Les Rencontres du Made in France #03

To further the discussions initiated with TRICOLOR and stimulate a renewal of the French wool industries, Made in France Première Vision and the Institut Français de la Mode (IFM) will hold two days of conferences, meetings and round tables to identify the issues involved in revalorising French sheep fleece.

Some thirty speakers –  agricultural, industrial or creative specialists and professionals – will share their views and commitments to together redefine the technological, economic and creative potential of French wool. This natural, luxurious and eco-friendly material meets the current needs of brands, designers and consumers who are more than ever seeking meaning, quality and traceability.


Divided into four chapters, the meetings as a whole will provide a panorama of the various players and manifold initiatives currently at work and contributing to the local development of wool.

A program designed and led by Pascal Gautrand, founder of Made in Town and consultant to Première Vision, and Nathalie Ruelle, a professor at the Institut Français de la Mode (IFM).


Chapter 1: Everything you always wanted to know about wool but never dared to ask.

A complete overview – including techniques, history, the economy –  of the only natural raw material that can still be produced and completely transformed industrially in France. The growth of this eco-friendly material requires no particular energy; luxurious and authentic, it is one of the materials used by mankind for thousands of years. Carded, combed, rustic, fluid, springy, rugged… it can be transformed in any number of ways. Its countless properties coincide with the current expectations of consumers looking for meaning and transparency.




Chapter 2: The rebirth of European wools

From the north to the south of Europe and even beyond, industrial and more artisanal initiatives are plentiful. They exploit local wools, rebuild sectors, constitute new cross-border circuits, and demonstrate the relevance and diversity of an ever-widening movement. What are the lessons to be drawn from the dynamism of the various European sectors?


Chapter 3: How to structure the rebirth of French wool?

Quality, race, region? Date, collective trademark, geographical indication or label? Which strategies and tools will help confer legitimacy to French wools and champion their special qualities to designers and consumers?




Chapter 4: The sheep industry as a key to regional revitalisation

Beyond the potential use of products derived from French sheep shearing, what real effects will result from a revitalization of local processing networks? Drivers of tourism and economic development for rural areas… Additional income for livestock farmers… A luxurious and renewable eco-friendly raw material for industry and manufacturers… Local and transparent sourcing for brands and designers committed to meeting consumer expectations by imbuing the products they distribute with ever more meaning…


The Made in France Meetings
Première Vision / Institut Français de la Mode
3-4 April 2019
Auditorium, Carreau du Temple, Paris

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