A Leather Manufacturing Experience

During the 2 days of Blossom Première Vision, Atelier Bison offers a live animation: the creation of a unique piece, a leather sailor, made with the skins of 3 exhibitors.

Welcome aboard and get ready to head out to sea in a Breton sailor top made of lambskin featuring exotic leather stripes.
The reinvention of this iconic clothing item will take place right before your eyes by the Atelier Bison, proving nothing is impossible for expert hands adept in French know-how.


Skins provided by the following exhibitors :
Conceria Centrorettili
Cuirs du Futur
Megisserie Richard


Behind the Atelier Bison expertise

Tucked into the heart of Paris’s 9th arrondissement, BISON is a workshop-boutique specialized in making leather apparel for men and women.

It is one of the last Parisian leather workshops. As such, BISON is a worthy heir to the long line of French artisans whose traditional know-how has, over more than a century, contributed to making Paris the world’s fashion capital. BISON built its success and reputation as a historic manufacturer of leather and aviator jackets for the French armed forces.

Founded in the 1980s, the workshop has recently been taken over by Catherine Dupon, whose goal is to develop its valuable know-how to meet the codes and requirements of the contemporary fashion industry.

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