Leather goods: focus on Men’s bags

In recent seasons, bags have become the accessory of choice in menswear, moving away from their purely utilitarian function and making themselves indispensable in male silhouettes. Whether pop and optimistic or functional and aesthetic, Men’s leather goods continue to break free from classicism. A desire that has seen the emergence of a number of styles, meaning important upstream development work from tanneries in order to respond to the new creative demands of the sector.

Take a look at the unmissable materials and shapes of men’s bags and get inspiration from the leathers selected by the Première Vision fashion teams to build your future collections.


Menswear silhouettes take the blend of urban and sporty even further. Tailoring focuses on minimalist lines combined with bold colour choices in bright or pastel shades. Sporty bags give an offbeat approach to urban looks. Oversized and inflated to their limit, backpacks are produced in bright colours, creating carefully planned colour accidents – one of the Must Have’s being a pairing of pink and orange. Made up of sections of satiny and water-repellent nylon or stiff leather, they can be produced in plain or mixed versions with geometric or arty patterns.

Inspired by the world of mountain sports, snap hooks and climbing ropes cleverly combine on bags while massive buckles in recycled plastic embellish the ensemble. 

Banana bags continue to be an essential format. Worked in leathers renowned for their strength and softness, they are decorated with multiple pockets, zips and other utilitarian details, and produced in colours with a high visual impact to melt into fluid two-piece suits in the same shade.

A savvy blend of urban and sporty codes can also be seen on products. Micro-pouches in suede or coloured nappa leather are paired with extra-wide sporty shoulder straps and worn crossbody.   


Shopping bag models have increased in size to reach extreme volumes. Designed in rigid leathers with a very clean appearance, sometimes using vegetable tanning, they are decorated with micro-pockets or contrasting lines. Hand-held bags add a touch of chic to neo jogging pants and luxury sweats.

In wintery versions, they are produced in sheepskins with the wool layer visible on the outside. The leather has an authentic, shrunken and aged look. For a more 90s influence, sheepskins adopt highly expressive two-tone or tie & dye finishes.

To stroll through the city streets, Men hang a number of mini-bags around their necks. Like charms that are both functional and aesthetic, they are made up of a variety of shapes and colours, which combine with precision to protect nomadic electronic devices: e-cigarettes, mobiles, headphones. Mid-way between bags and belts, other mini-bags and pouches combine around the waist and structure the form of over-sized suit jackets.

Accessories that blend practicality and fun and are available in a wide range of leathers: from generously-scaled fish leather to metallic leathers as well as smooth, uniform leathers.


Accessories are increasingly influenced by the genderless trend and bags no longer hesitate to be suitable for both males and females. Rather extrovert satchels in exaggerated volumes to be worn on the shoulder are produced in extra-soft leather and decorated with metallic patterns, to be shown off as evening wear.

In miniature versions, micro-clutch bags are decorated in iridescence and opulent chains.

Neo-minaudières or small bucket bags are designed in luxurious exotic leathers to accompany oversize tunics worn open at the chest over wide fluid trousers and low-heeled boots, for looks that are displayed with pride!  

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