Laurentine Périlhou, "My hands are my tools’


Laurentine Périlhou, an artisan and designer specialising in macramé techniques, is the guest of honour at the December edition of Blossom Première Vision. For 2 days, watch her as she creates unique and precious textiles right before your eyes. Come forge new ties!

Laurentine Périlhou shares her artistic approach.


“While on a trip to Latin America in 2008, I had the opportunity to study traditional macramé weaving techniques with a Chilean artisan. I became aware of the many possibilities inherent in this craft, and I wanted to refine the know-how with further research and development. It was by reinventing these knot techniques that I first created jewels mixing macramé and fine stones and, later, since 2017, unique and precious textiles.

It’s a special know-how, and it allows me to explore many universes, and work for the finest luxury houses and designers, and enrich my practice. I’m constantly examining the technical mastery that this weaving demands, so I can continue to propose increasingly innovative and durable textile samples.

My hand is my tool, and the yarn is the material through which the textile comes to life, knot by knot. Entirely made by hand in the Paris Atelier, these textiles are a guarantee of uncompromising know-how, and also a way to experiment with artisanal textiles.

From the start, I appreciated the value in macramé. It’s still not recognised enough as an advanced artisanal practice, and despite itself conveys a negative image. It’s a limitless technique, and is constantly changing.

There’s a dialogue between the yarn and the textiles resulting from this technique, and that dialogue can be very varied.

In terms of artisanal practices such as gilding or embroidery, I tend to make my work even richer. Opening up this know-how to other textile and artisanal crafts is indispensable, especially to develop new, previously unexplored pathways joining handcrafts and design.”


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After stopping at Blossom Première Vision, Laurentine Périlhou will be at Maison d’Exceptions, the space dedicated to ultra-creativity, at Première Vision Paris next 12 to 14 February 2019.
Come meet selected ateliers and learn more about their unique and exceptional know-how.

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