Laurent Brunas, Manufacture Regain (1/2)

“A company is a living witness. It is of fundamental importance that in 10, 30 and even 50 years, the activity, the people, the know-how and the machines are still there.

We are constantly trying to make our public aware of the notion of manufacturing and we are therefore used to welcoming fashion schools that come to visit our workshops. Currently the main aim is to restore the image of the textile industry, which has been tarnished in recent years, and we are thus pursuing a policy of investing 3% of the wage bill in the training budget.

In our opinion, training new people is a major challenge because we operate in a labour industry that requires the employment of committed and motivated personnel. One of our priorities is to pass the baton between the old and new generations and I constantly strive, as soon as an employee is about to turn 50, to recruit a young person under the age of 25 to enable this transfer of knowledge.”

Interview conducted at the Made in France Première Vision trade show on March 28 and 29, 2018.

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