Lace, from romantic to contemporary

France’s  Jean Bracq rolls out a winter collection where delicacy meets the most contemporary inspirations.


For winter of 2019-20 lace-maker Jean Bracq reveals three contrasting themes. “Poetic Escape” works delicate laces, where pastel green is perfectly suited to woven plant motifs. Large foliage, reeds and water lilies overlap. Their gentle repetition borrows from the continuity of wallpapers and embroidery reliefs. The use of Lurex and metallo-plastic yarns sets off this nostalgic atmosphere with frosted effects.

With Urban Nomadism, Jean Bracq for the first time introduces abstract graphic designs in its haute couture offer. Geometrics step into fine Chantilly laces alongside classic flowers, evoking an ethnic inspiration. It takes an ornamental turn with large triangle patterns and giant palms.

In a more lustrous vein, the Chic Attraction theme combines black with more vivid shades of green, blue and purple. In this baroque and shiny spirit, motifs are created from deconstructed flowers, feather-like leaves and some interwoven geometric shapes.

Based in Caudry, Jean Bracq continues the tradition of weaving lace on Leavers’ looms exclusively equipped with an electronic jacquard feature.

For the haute couture, ready-to-wear, lingerie-corsetry, trimmings and accessories markets, the French company exports its laces to over 20 countries. In addition to its lace-enrichment capabilities (shiffly embroidery, affixed cords, etc.), Jean Bracq is also the only company able to produce Lyon lace, which is renowned for its very large motifs, thanks to their purchase of three new looms.

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