Kassim Denim launches 3 new projects!

At Denim Première Vision’s May edition, Kassim Denim will showcase striking developments in terms of their raw materials and processes. They will also be presenting their 360 sustainable project.

Dive into more details about these new projects below.


Endigo – Raw Material

Kassim Denim has made the world’s most sustainable indigo.

Endigo revolutionizes not only the way indigo is made but also the dyeing process that follows. Their patented process employs a technology that reduces indigo using an electro-chemical process without the need for any harmful chemicals. Furthermore, the Endigo machine is powered entirely through solar power and the only waste is pure oxygen. The patented process creates indigo that has a higher yield, reduces variation in the process and substantially reduces the salt content required in the dyeing process.


Blu Volt Graph - Kassim Denim

Blu Volt – Process

Using the new state of the art dyeing line, the denim company has created Blu Volt. Using Endigo, they dye the warp using a patented spray system in a nitrogen environment.

The process leads to zero salt formation and a substantial reduction in water consumption.

In fact, a combination of an organic reducing and fixing agent creates a surface dyeing effect resulting in easier and more natural fades in the washing process.

Infinite – the 360 Sustainable Project

INFINITE is the company’s take on the road to ultimate sustainability. With the end goal in sight, Kassim Denim began to find solutions to the micro dynamics that make denim hazardous.

In short, INFINITE puts together everything that they have worked on, and continue to work on, in the never-ending pursuit for a better and cleaner planet.


Blu Volt Graph - Kassim Denim

If you’re interested in these projects, come join Kassim Denim next May 28th and 29th at the Superstudio Più in Milan!

More information about Kassim Denim here.

Plus, don’t forget to look at the show’s programme!

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