Kasiv presents the final touch: a sustainable denim collection

Throughout the denim world, it’s important to be more open-minded to sustainability. “We don’t own this world, we just want to make it a better place for everybody!”  To close the circle, the KASIV Leather Label family is concentrating on its sustainable labels collection: THE FINAL TOUCH!

Discover it at the Denim PV show on May 28 and 29 in Milan.


Recycled Leather – Sustainable

The process of recycling leather involves treating and recycling leather residues. The resulting blend of shredded leather material (containing 70% natural leather) is glued together with resin to recycle the leather. The end result is an environmentally safe and ‘’clean’” product, created without polluting the environment.



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Chrome Free – Sustainable

This innovative new process uses an organic tanning agent; at the end of the process, the tanned leather and tannery waste water are both free of heavy metal. There is a significant reduction in water usage during the production of chrome-free leather and energy savings due to the shorter processing times.


Cork Label – Sustainable

The cork tree grows in the western Mediterranean, Portugal, Algeria, Spain, France, Italy and some parts of South Africa. Portugal is the leading producing country, producing 80% of the world’s cork production. Agglomeration of cork granulate with cork resin is getting easier with steam and warm-up operations.


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Ecological PU – Sustainable

Ecological PU is an improved sustainable synthetic leather. This new material is designed to be environmentally friendly. There is no organic solvent such as DMF in EPU base foam.

Animal Free – Sustainable

Today there are a multitude of alternatives to fur, leather, silk, wool etc. Every day, new technologies bring us pleasant surprises in terms of plant and synthetic fibres. Alternatives to animal-origin fabrics and materials can be natural (vegetable) or artificial and synthetic (man-made).



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Recycled Microfiber – Sustainable

The reason recycled polyester (often written rPET) is considered a green option in textiles today is twofold. The argument goes like this: energy needed to make the rPET is less than what was needed to make the virgin polyester in the first place, so we save energy and we’re keeping bottles and other plastics out of the landfills.

Recycled Paper Jacron

Jacron is a famous material which looks and feels like real leather. Yet it is RECYCLED PAPER, and thus eco-friendly. The most important value for jacron is: FREE of harmful substances such as AZO dyes.



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Interested in this new collection? Join us at the DENIM Première Vision show on May 28 and 29 in Milan.

You can check out the DENIM PV programme here.

To learn more about KASIV Leather Label Company, click here.



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