Julie Manizan, Laulhère


“Laulhère is the last historical berets manufacturer in France established since 1840. In the past there used to be more than twenty manufacturers, but over the years it has become more and more difficult to keep a full order book for these companies from which we have recovered certain know-how. Laulhère has been able to survive largely thanks to the technical productions that it has put at the service of the French army since the 1940s.

These productions are the result of specific know-how. Certain manufacturing stages in particular require a total immersion – between a week and a month – in order to learn meticulously all the gestures, to respect the dosages, the timing… This does not apply, for example, to finishing operations for which it is relatively easy to find candidates for the job of stitching/sewing operator. On the other hand, it is upstream of the sector, from the wool thread through its transformation, that are the professions that require a physically present mentor, coupled with several months of training, to master the know-how and continue to manufacture this beret in the rules of the art.”

Interview conducted at the Made in France Première Vision trade show on March 28th and 29th 2018.

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