Jellied shine

Spring summer 19 is marked by shine. Glossy or gel-like, surfaces evoke plastics and auto bodywork. Unabashed, dashing and fun materials are a cross of mirrored shine and transparency, an illusion of reflections and wet effects. The season looks to be radiant.

At Italy’s Bartolini, shine is at the heart of the season, with organzas showing a liquid suppleness, and silks with mock mirror-effects. The vividness of fabrics is brought to life by luminous colour choices. Red-oranges, fierce yellows and mallard greens lend strength and power to this collection, inspired by the body in motion.


With its ornamental PVC flowers and leather buttons, Italian accessories manufacturer Katy plays on natural / artificial contrasts, transparency and opacity. Like the sweet and jellied decorations on a delicious cake, these pieces make your mouth water.


Feel the crunch of the papery-fine leathers at Spain’s Fc Creacio I Innovacio, twist them, and fold them. Test their strength. Inspect the perfect patented finish, the look of optical illusion. Take in the pop colours, and agree that delight is definitely the feeling evoked by these top quality aniline lambskins.


A glazed inspiration infuses the semi-transparent wet surfaces at Italy’s M.T.T. Manufattura Tessile Toscana. Fanciful fabrics combined with cotton blends, detachable double qualities for lightweight blazers and coats, and special finishings like plastic-rubber for quality waterproof coatings.

The transparent and translucent jewels at the Italian accessory maker Leonardo Frascaroli confirm this season’s strong taste for shiny, jellied materials. Twisted belts, necklaces and bracelets feature straws and marbling, revealing shiny and faceted stones. Here, plastic wins hands down: minimum weight, maximum effect and carefree as well: perfect for beachwear!

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