Jean-Luc François, Atelier Jean-Luc François

“Originally, the Jean-Luc François association was created mainly to train adults in dressmaking in order to replenish workshops and allow these individuals to work in prestigious fashion houses alongside designers.

Then we founded a cooperative workshop which is actually a co-working space where these people train and share their skills. It was at that time that Lainière de Picardie, a specialist in fusible interfacing, came to meet us and offered us to become a partner in the project to help with the financing, the coordination of know-how transmission and the purchase of machines. Our two structures have found it relevant to carry out this collaboration and thus add fusing to our high-quality training courses, which now allows us to assists designers and young or new brands from the design to the making of a garment, including the patronage and the canvas. The opportunity to work directly with Lainière de Picardie is an advantage to get the best fusing technique that enhances their clothes.

In this day and age I think partnerships like this one are welcome because working alone is boring and we experience that more and more stakeholders share our interest in manufacturing and the transmission of know-how.”

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