Jacquards gain fluidity

Renowned for their masterful, sophisticated combinations of artificial and synthetic yarns, Etique draws on new compositions to find the right ingredients for their winter jacquards.



Based in Como, the epicentre of the Italian silk industry, the converter Etique earned its reputation by creating sophisticated blends of artificial and synthetic yarns.


Yarn-dyed, piece-dyed, plain and jacquard woven fabrics are the manufacturer’s offer for both casual city wear and elegant evening dresses. With the approach of the autumn winter 2019-20 season, the house reaffirms its credo:
“Fabrics don’t only express an aesthetic sensibility. They are also a blend of coherence and industrial functionality, whose ultimate goal is a kind of simplicity that is always difficult to achieve.”


In just a few years, acetate and viscose fabrics and 100% polyester and polyester blends have become a core specialty.

At Blossom Première Vision, this know-how opens new avenues. The first is the search for a combination of jacquards and fluid fabrics by means of acetate/viscose/polyester and polyamide and cut-yarn compositions. Density, volume and lightness are always adjusted to obtain the desired touch.

Polyesters and polyester blends are chosen for their compactness, with viscose being used for more light and voluminous fabrics.


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