Jacquard fantasy

From a nod to Tweed to stripes both fine and wide, French weaver Deveaux puts the focus on jacquards and yarn-dyeds for its coming winter collection.



Nearly 300 different ranges of yarn-dyed fabrics make up the new Deveaux SA collection. At Blossom Première Vision, jacquards step into the spotlight, with diverse interpretations to update the genre. A Chanel inspiration, animal skins, narrow and wide stripes and plaids are worked in warm colours: khaki, orange, deep garnets and purple. These novel weaves are elaborated in blouse, jacket and pant weights. In Paris, the weaver is targeting ready-to-wear brands attentive to the depth of the collections.

“We have pulled together a wonderful network of French and European yarn-suppliers who support our creativity in this highly demanding market segment, where each range and each colour scheme is developed in relation to the pattern and the yarn,” says Thibaud Von Tschammer, CEO of this family-owned business.


Having been awarded the “Living Heritage Company” distinction, Deveaux adds its weaving business to its printing and knitting expertise. Each year, seven in-house designers and textile designers, based in both France and abroad, update some 1,700 patterns. With, occasionally, a dialogue between the company’s distinct know-hows. “It’s not uncommon for customers to ask us to create a print version of a jacquard motif on a stretchy fabric,” says Von Tschammer, adding that new generation single-pass inkjet systems are best for this particular kind of work.


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