IVN, the global chain of responsible fashion

A true precursor in the field of ecological and responsible issues in the textile industry, IVN is an international association that has been working for 20 years to create a healthier, more transparent global production chain.

Co-founder of the GOTS standard (Global Organic Textile Standard), which has become one of the world’s leading references in responsible textiles, the IVN association brings together nearly 100 companies, from suppliers to transporters to retailers, with whom it works to create tomorrow’s supply chain.

Its role is to advise and guide major fashion industry players regarding more responsible practices by finding solutions tailored to each particular case. IVN also connects these various players, to create a virtuous circle at all levels of the fashion system.

To establish these innovative practices, IVN offers to support its members and partners in a certification process, whether they are suppliers, distributors or manufacturers. At the end of the process, companies receive a license to use the GOTS, NATURTEXTIL BEST or NATURLEDER label, so they may immediately occupy a strategic position in the responsible fashion sector. Certification guides are available to companies wishing to start the process.

To integrate IVN is to commit to a responsible and innovative future for the fashion industry.


Join them at the Smart Square, Hall 3.

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