Iskur Denim to presents 5 new design lines at Denim Première Vision

For the coming spring summer 2021 season, Iskur Denim is updating its product lines, getting ready to showcase a host of new and distinctive ideas.

Come discover them this 3rd and 4th December at the Denim Première Vision Show in London.

Soft Breeze

This new group of fabrics has an innovative texture that’s easy to wear without compromising on true denim quality. Manufactured using different fibres, as well as innovative yarn and finishing processes, their softness is sure to be a favourite among all denim lovers.

Denim soul

Unique fabrics manufactured with Ne30 Combed Cotton yarns offer summer comfort, and are destined to become an essential part of the rising trend for customisation. This 8 – 8.5 oz. fabric will be presented in both rigid and stretch versions.


For those who don’t want to give up the denim look but still remain stylish and comfortable, Iskur Denim has created Flexicity. This proposal features super-stretch fabrics for urban wear with high elasticity and superior performance.

Eco-responsible creation: Earth squad

Iskur Denim sums up its sustainability vision with its Earthsquad line. All the fabrics in this line use Organic and BCI cotton from the company’s own fields. The company produces its own energy, using solar power panels installed on its factories, and has its own wind turbines. This season, the collection is enhanced with recycled yarns manufactured in Iskur’s recycling factory, as well as fabrics manufactured with post-consumer yarns.

Iskur Denim also employs its WAW (We are Water) process, which enables water savings of up to 95%, to all its manufacturing.

Iskur maintain its strong position in terms of sustainability with processes that are integrated in all aspects of its operation. All the fabrics in this concept are GRS, RCS, OCS, BCI and GOTS certified.


A variety of batik patterns have already been featured in the collections of many well-known designers. Created through the use of diverse dyeing techniques, batik is applied to denim for the first time ever by Iskur Denim. The more these products are washed, the more colourful they become, taking on the trendy looks of summer. This idea will be presented in a variety of options for different fabrics.

Come to meet the Iskur Denim team on the Denim Première Vision Show this 3rd and 4th December at Printworks London.

Interested in learning more about Iskur Denim? Find more information on their website.


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