Iskur Denim showcases its sustainability activities

A new philosophy for Iskur Denim’s production

Dedicated to protecting nature, Iskur Denim’s team promotes its new season’s Earthsquad fabrics. The company explains the sustainability philosophy behind their production.

The Iskur Group’s Re-Cycled yarn factory manufactures the Earthsquad collection’s Re-Cycled yarns with rigid and stretch fabrics in various weights and colours.

This facility, which recycles all the cuttings collected from the company facilities into yarns, confirms their “zero waste” policy.

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The cotton used in their products are manufactured from BCI cotton cultivated on their own land via organic agriculture. Solar panels on the roof of their factories and Iskur Group’s windmills generate the energy they use to manufacture their fabrics. In addition to using completely renewable energy resources, they have also decreased their water use by up to 95% with the WAW (We Are Water) process. And, of course, all products are certified.

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Iskur Denim renews its prior collections

In addition to the denim sustainable collection, Iskur denim has also renewed its other collections this season:

  • Asana collection, featuring super-stretch fabrics for both men’s and women’s wear
  • Old School, offering the ‘70s denim look
  • Retro fabrics, with ever-popular looks for denim lovers
  • G-Spark, with a smooth and shiny look acquired thanks to a special finish

Come to their stand to have a look at their collections, featuring exclusive designs for every concept, at the Denim PV show next 28th and 29th May in Milan.

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