Interview with suppliers : Paltex

For the Marketplace launch, we will give the floor to Premiere Vision suppliers to speak about the evolution of the fashion industry and the Marketplace project. Today, discover Paltex with his marketing supervisor, Pei-Shan WU. 


Première Vision : Please present your company

Pei-Shan WU :  Established in 2003, Paltex, ltd., a high-performance fabrics and solution supplier based in Taiwan with offices in Taipei and Shanghai, specializing in research and innovative development of comfort solution with high-performance fabrics. At PALTEX, sustainability has been a crucial business direction since we established. We always consider the future of sustainability of synthetic fabrics, and has made the finishing methods more efficient and produces fewer emissions and less waste than ever before. Also, we are active in sustainable textile production through partnerships with the Bluesign® system and the International OEKO-TEX® Association and has been in REACH standard. In 2018, we have launched the eco-project – “From Waste to Yarn”. It is the regeneration system, in which we collect the waste fishing nets and plastic bottles from the ocean and re-use via a complex recycled procedure to produce the generative polyester and nylon fabrics. It is sustainable and has the same qualities as virgin polyester and nylon from fossil raw material.


“From Waste to Yarn” 


PV : What are your specialities in the fashion industry ?

PSW :  Paltex is a textile resource with a focus towards outdoor and performance fabrics. We provide comfort solution in both knit and woven, especial for high-performance outdoor geat and athleisure. We provide valued add & customized service and also launch our textile trend books, which combine the latest textile trend information from PV Paris, ISPO Munich and Outdoor Retailer. For the fabric production process, we want to make fundamental changes to the way that we treat our environment, which is not only fit into customers’ requests but aims to represent a transparent, clean and eco-friendly fabrics production in the textile industry. Furthermore, in Taiwan PALTEX is the first converter who passes the BLUESIGN and OEKO-TEX associations, also we educate the local mills the importance of textile ecology and lead our printing, finishing mills to join the BLUESIGN system. We work closely alongside the local fabric mills, developing a cooperative relationship based on transparency and shared commitment to sustainability.

We have launched a cooperation with PURA in 2013. The concept of this project is “Recycle”. It means the whole piece of garment can be recycled, no matter fabrics and trimmings; also the finish is PFC free. It shows the eco-friendly production and the way how we organize the energy consumption, the wastewater and waste treatment.


PV : What do you think about the future of the fashion industry ? What are your expectations ?

PSW : Fashion is facing numerous interesting challenges and is in urgent need of a coherent strategy to improve the sustainability of the industry as a whole. Topics such as fast fashion, chemical management, circularity and microfiber pollution are fueling this need. We expect the commercialisation of sustainable prototypes, as is the case with recycled polyester, which is increasingly being used by mass-market players. We also expect to see alternative business models and new concepts centred around sustainability.

At PALTEX, we are pursuing new business models that move away from the take, make, and waste linear models of the past. For instance, our latest eco-project –Eco Era, especial for outdoor gear (ski jacket, high-performance outdoor outer layer), which apply the recyclable nylon membrane and recyclable PET membrane with our recycled fabrics (nylon and polyester). The whole piece of the garment without trimming can go through the ecosystem to make the downgraded industrial products and expand the product lifetime.


ECO ERA – Paltex last eco-project 


PV : What do you know about the Premiere Vision Marketplace ?

PSW : It ‘s a digital platform, where exhibitors would be able to present their fabrics and buyers would be able to order fabrics online and seek new suppliers.


PV : With the Premiere Vision Marketplace, sourcing evolves. In your opinion, what changes will the Marketplace bring to the future, compared to today?

PSW : Premiere Vision plays a role that exhibitors are able to interface with the public, communicate with customers and educate customers on what we do and what is the speciality of our fabrics. In the digital age, business becomes more reliant on digital communication and the increased scrutiny of traditional marketing methods. Premiere Vision Marketplace has a bigger concept of community and getting a bunch of people together with a shared interest, and with that comes an opportunity to provide higher levels of engagement.


Paltex, ltd. is a high-performance fabrics and solution supplier based in Taiwan. The company is specialized in research and innovative development of comfort solution with high-performance fabrics.

Discover more about Paltex on their online marketplace store, click here.


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