Interview with suppliers : Miroglio Textile

For the Marketplace launch, we will give the floor to Premiere Vision suppliers to speak about the evolution of the fashion industry and the Marketplace project. Today, discover Miroglio Textile with his commercial director, Alfredo MARENGO.  


Première Vision : Please present your company

Alfredo MARENGO :  The Miroglio Group is an Italian industrial company which operates since 1947 in the textile and fashion sectors. The Group plays in 22 countries through 37 companies and 4 industrial sites.  Though the companies Miroglio Fashion, Miroglio Textile and M2Log, the Group operates in the following areas:

– Fashion: creation and selling of 12 women’s fashion brands distributed throughout a network of 1100 mono-brand retail storesand 2300 trade clients with multi-brand stores.

– Textile: recognized leadership at the European level in the printed textile, and consolidated international presence on the following market shares: solid dyed textiles, yarns and transfer printing with more then 3000 business clients.

– The Supply Chain Management: providing specialized services in sourcing and logistics sectors linking the different activities of the fashion and textile division.


Miroglio Printed Fabrics: Dream

Miroglio Textile printed fabric : Dream 


Miroglio Textile plain fabrics

Miroglio Textile plain fabrics


PV : What are your specialities in the fashion industry ?

AM :  Speaking about our specialities, we are really keen on Digital print either  on reactive colours or disperse colours . We absolutely think that the digital technology has changed the market rules going towards the customer’s needs and the market needs. Obviously we are still printing with the rotative technology in order to perform better on certain structure and thin / transparent fabrics. Our excellence points:

– Guarantee of a totally traceable and “made in Italy” printing production

– Italian creativity in terms of designs and know-how

– Historical heritage of over 50000 patterns

– Creation of over 3500 patterns a year

– Production capacity of over 50000000 metres a year

– Service customization, with the chance to adapt creativity and pattern sizes according to customer’s needs

– Service, printing and delivering speed

– Great care for social responsibility and eco-sustainability issues.



PV : What do you think about the future of the fashion industry ? What are your expectations ?

AM :  What about the future for Fashion Industry, we think we might focus better and better on the sustainability road whereas the final customers will get more and more sensible without loosing the fashion look and price target. The Digital technology allows us to be more eco-friendly saving water and energy and that’s what we want to persuit. We can also say the fashion could be cooler getting eco.


Govone plant fabrics- Miroglio Textile

Miroglio Textile - Plain fabrics Govone

Miroglio Textile Plant – Govone 


PV : What do you know about the Premiere Vision Marketplace ?

AM :  The Premier Vision Marketplace is a reserved website for selected exibitors of Premiere Vision whereas a buyer can find out severals materials through galleries and the suppliers can upload their product catalog on to the online gallery.


PV : With the Premiere Vision Marketplace, sourcing evolves. In your opinion, what changes will the Marketplace bring to the future, compared to today ?

AM :  The Marketplace platform could get rid off the matter to approach a buyer instead of a provider do to the fact the relation is on the website. It will be  also an advantage in terms of saving time searching all what you need on the website without any intermediary. The Marketplace could speed up the process from the buyer to the provider, getting closer to the e commerce business.


Miroglio Textile

Miroglio Textile Company was founded in Alba in 1947 operating with three production plants in the following areas: Fabrics, Yarn, Transfer printing. They’re invested more then 30 million Euros in the last years on technological research and innovation contributing to make Miroglio Textile one of the main European players.

Discover more about Miroglio Textile on their online marketplace store, click here.



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